Synagogues are closing in Israel and people must keep a distance. But the particular group refuses, and the infection is greatest among them.

Israeli police in kampuniformer have in several days patrolled and had clashes with ultra-orthodox jews, who do not intend to follow the rules in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

the police officers have been supported by helicopters and drones during their pursuit of the ultra-orthodox in their neighborhoods, where the disease is spreading faster than in other parts of Israel.

– Stay at home, sounds from the helicopters.

It has this week led to a tense relationship with the orthodox, who will not follow the rules about the distance between people.

a few days ago, it was clear to see in the city of Bnei Brak when in Tel Aviv. The city is overwhelmingly inhabited by ultra-orthodox jews.

Here, several hundred people in the funeral of a prominent rabbi, Tzi Shenkar.

They saw large on the government’s orders, to a maximum of 20 persons may attend at funerals, and you should keep at least two meters of distance to the person at the door.

the Funeral in Bnei Brak, was met with condemnation. Also from some prominent people from the ultra-orthodox community.

health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who himself is an ultra jew, says, that he has asked prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cordon off the city.

– the Situation there is horrific, he says to an israeli newspaper.

– Every day there are fears that lives are being lost, he believes.

the Government says it is considering a blockade of the city.

Litzmans ministry has provisionally confirmed the 4800 cases of infection with coronavirus.

The first cases appeared in February, and since that time 17 dead Covid-19.

Israeli media writes that half of the sufferers are ultra-orthodox jews, although they only constitute ten percent of the population. Jerusalem, where many ordokse live, has the highest number of infected.

the Police have helicopters and drones in the air to get your eye on the congregation for outdoor worship services, now that all of the synagogues have been told to keep closed.

– Nazi, is the cry, when the police on Monday intervened against a demonstration in Mea Sharim and arrested several ultra-orthodox men.

They protested that their synagogue is closed under coronakrisen.

Several rabbis reject the fear of the coronavirus, and a part of Israel’s ultra-orthodox do not acknowledge the authority of the government. Only the divine.