It is rare to hear a man’s breathing at a distance. But it can, when Ulrich Dethlef Húnfjörð Jørgensen trades in the Net with his gas mask for the face. He looks like a super villain from a Star Wars movie.

It is not he. He is just extra cautious. One of the new heroes.

“I really think you should take this extraordinary situation seriously,” says Ulrich.

Wrapped in plastic from the toes to the fingertips fills he the shopping cart. He is not content with the ordinary mundbind. He has bought a gas mask for the occasion. He will make coronavirussen stand a chance.

“I’m not doing it here to provoke. I would just really like to do my best not to be a part of every year.”

He is 28 years old and lives in a small village on the north-west of the island of Funen with his wife and three children. He is not even afraid of the virus, but he would like to fit in with his fellows in the small community.

the Other customers and the staff in the local Net in the Lake has only seen Emily a few times, but he is not to be overlooked. They know he is coming. A maximum of one time per week.

“It looks out violently. But it shows very well what time we are in right now,” says Janni Juhl Stærhøj, while she is wearing plastikhandsker take a milk off the shelf.

Ulrich is always alone and always wearing his safety equipment.

“I have bought the same set for my wife, but she will not have it, so why is it now only me, who stands for the purchases,” says Ulrich.

Although his wife, Heiðrún Björk Dethlef Húnfjörð, refuses to wear the suit, so hills she up on her husband.

“I think that maybe it is too much. But I can well understand him. So I support him completely. I will just not even in it. I also think it is too embarrassing.”

the Plan was actually not to act before april. But his wife was in need of fresh produce.

the Coffee does not taste quite as it should, with long-life milk, which Ulrich also, of course, lying.

due diligence

Under the bed is the one box after the other with long-life milk, dåsekikærter and peeled tomatoes. Exaggerated, someone will call it.

“due diligence,” call Ulrich Dethlef Húnfjörð Jørgensen it.

the Bedroom’s storehouse is only a fraction of what the house holds. The toilet has seven packages of toilet paper, and kummefryseren is filled to the edge with butter and hotwings.

“This is how I can avoid to go out of the house more than a maximum of once a week.”

There is alcohol at the door, in the trunk of the car and in the front seat. Just as in many places there are also rubber gloves.

There is a difference between Ulrich and the danes, as grabbing the evening in march, Mette Frederiksen closed the country down. Ulrich’s warehouse was filled in February.

And so he does it not for its own sake. He does it for your and my. He will not be the one who is going to expose another to danger.

“I bear you not the here suit and mask for fun. But I feel it is necessary. This is serious. People are dying of this disease,” says Ulrich.

Already, two weeks before the prime minister’s press conference had Ulrich filled nødreserverne 2,500 crowns. It began with a ordering of a panserglas to the mobile phone in January. But the glass was on backorder. It was Ulrich Dethlef Húnfjörð Jorgensen to wonder:

“If China stop producing cheap plastic ware, then something is wrong. I researched it on the net and found out that China was hit by a virus that almost closed the country,” he says.

As the corona virus came to Europe, and the virus took off, did Ulrich the same. He is happy today, because he reckons that the set-aside can keep the family running a month, if it becomes necessary.

He owns 16 biodragter, which he changes once a week. The suit is he going to keep on, until the virus is gone.

Even predict that the summer will do us good.

“I do not expect everyone to pack themselves into, as I do. But if more begin to think for themselves and take better precautions, so we can perhaps avoid that the virus comes back and is even worse again in the autumn,” says Ulrich Dethlef Húnfjörð Jørgensen.