Comedy and tragedy. That is the arena, which has filled most of his life, that he knows, and that he loves. But soon closes he is one of its doors. After 40 years of age.

“It is damn strange,” he says thoughtfully, and grabs out after kaffekoppen, which is dangling a little in the air, before he brings it up to his mouth and takes a sip, and with sadness adds. “It makes it so.”

About God and the corona will go Ulf Pilgaard from 28. July on the stage in Cirkusrevyen for what will be the last trip in manegen for him.

He takes leave of what he calls “a unique piece of theatre”, which in his own words has an important function, for “a society must be able to carry to make fun of it”.

And it has Ulf Pilgaard done. With biting parodies of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and Hanne Bech Hansen, to name a few.

“But when I’m not here any more, people will say ‘it was him, who made the queen Margrethe’. Forgotten is, unfortunately, the others I have made. It will be what I am remembered for. But that’s how it is. What you can’t change,” he says without bitterness.

there is something, Ulf Pilgaard has learned from its many years in the Danish showbiz, it is to ride on the waves, which have created themselves. And he has done that, since he more or less randomly red on stage for the first time.

“I have never dreamed about it here. I should have been a priest. I have come tumbling into it,” laughs Ulf Pilgaard, who as a young man appeared on the Studenterscenen, and all of a sudden was hired for the then-legendary ABC Theatre.

And although he thus never have gone in either acting or theatre school, has career has been filled with comedies and tragedies.

“I have never regretted that I stopped reading theology, for I think such a set, that I have reached out to more people, than if I was in my own little ward,” he believes.

the Priesthood was otherwise equal to the højrebenet for they followed Ulf Pilgaard, and he did as well as several years on the study – bl.a. together with Johannes Møllehave – before he jumped from.

“I Had become a good priest? I think it’s such a seen, but I probably would have been asked to leave the pulpit of one or another bishop, because I would be too heretical in my opinions, just like Thorkild other hotels in paris, it was,” smiles Ulf Pilgaard and refers to the well-known vicar, who was deprived of his office, when he bl.a. stated that he did not believe in God.

instead, it was Ulf Pilgaards pulpit i.e. film, theatre, tv and cabaret. He, however, feels in many ways has overshadowed everything else he has made.

“I am very grateful for all that I managed to occupy myself with, even though it’s probably going to be the revue, I will be remembered for.”

But when it soon will be over with just that, by Ulf Pilgaard also, that it will leave a void within him.

“You get a right cash settlement of the reaction. And that was a reaction, the laughter, you might be depending on. It is something I fear a little. Not having to hear the laughter. For it is a fix. You can bathe in the laughter, but the best thing is to surf on it,” says Ulf Pilgaard.

With a happy smile, he describes the feeling he gets when he has the chamber in the hollow of his hand. When the laughter is dying out, and he with just a lift of his eyebrows can get it to roll on.

“A great feeling,” sugar, he recognises that it is there, you will find the answer as to why Cirkusrevyen has had such a large space in his heart.

But when he in the year thank after 40 years, closes Ulf Pilgaard is not down. He will still ride on the other waves, play serious roles on film, tv and theatre. Keep the lecture, which he loves.

“And are good at, for I can kæfte up for hours,” he laughs and then adds: “Yes, I have been lucky. The only thing I’m missing on my resume, is Shakespeare. It I’d good,” he concludes.