Ukrainian miners chained themselves to the cans of gasoline

the Miners of the mine “Krasnolimanskaya”, which is controlled Kiev territory of Donetsk region, chained themselves to the cans of gasoline, demanding repayment of debts on a salary.

As the head of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets in his Facebook Sunday, February 16, the miners staged a protest action near the administration building of the city Pokrovsk. They require to pay their salaries for the past four months and to establish an uninterrupted operation of a mine. The action of the miners is a symbol of their self-immolation.

the Miners threatened that if the situation does not change, “the scale of the protests will intensify and they will be taken more radical forms,” said Volynets.

Previously, 72 miners “Krasnolimanskaya” from-for debts under the salary refused to rise to the surface. All the people came only in the evening of 14 February, after negotiations with the administration of the mine.