Ukrainian city will be closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus

The city of Pochayiv, Ternopil region of Ukraine Tuesday, April 21, will be closed for entry and exit due to the outbreak of coronavirus. This was announced by first Deputy head Kremenetskiy state administration Vyacheslav Onyszkiewicz, the publication of “NV”.

According to him, given the sharp increase in the incidence of a ban on entry and exit from the quarantine zone of the city.

Earlier it became known that the national police of Ukraine opened a criminal case due to violations of quarantine in Pochayiv and Svyatogorsk laurels. The police recorded a crowd of people during the service in the temple. The vast majority of believers were tailgating, some of them used masks.

The number of infections in the Ternopil region has reached 414 people. As of April 20, Ukraine was 5710 laboratory confirmed cases COVID-19, of which 151 are lethal. While 359 patients recovered.