The arrest in Belarus of 33 Russians, who are considered the soldiers of PMC “Wagner”, was a provocation of special services of Ukraine. Fighters telephoned a “Mr. Jackson” with the offer “to work for the protection of oil facilities in Syria”. The phone number turned out to be virtual, however, as an employer itself.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” citing a source in the Russian special services reported that the fighters were actively calling with an offer to “earn”. “Sergey” was “in the know”, where as earlier it was working for the Russians, so did not arouse suspicion. In the organization of the soldiers, he volunteered to help a veteran of the fighting in the Donbass Artem Milyaev (call sign “Shaman”). According to the newspaper, he was supposed to pick up 180 people. During recruitment “Shaman” reported that “Mr. Jackson” was killed in Libya a few days later, the group has a new curator. Then Milaeva transferred to the account 14 thousand dollars for recruiting fighters.

In the Russian special services claim that the soldiers put the task to advance to Minsk and then had a route: Istanbul-Havana-Caracas. We also found out that the tickets were purchased on the territory of Ukraine. Later fighters priceget to break them, but due to the cancellation of the flight to stay in a sanatorium.

At the end of July near Minsk detained more than 30 Russians from PMC “Wagner”. After that relations of Russia and Belarus has significantly intensified. Minsk believes that the military arrived in the country to destabilize the situation before elections.