Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro Michael you were outraged by the decision of Montenegrin authorities to give the Russians the possibility of entry into the country without any restrictions. He declared it in Facebook.

As reported by “Rambler”, formerly the national coordinating body of Montenegro on infectious diseases made the decision that citizens of Russia and Azerbaijan will be allowed entry into the country “without conditions”.

“I am outraged that Russia immediately placed in the “green” zone without any conditions,” said Shmatov.

The diplomat reminded that Ukraine since the beginning of summer 2020 “provides Montenegro the largest number of tourists.” According to him, a week in Montenegro I for 13 — 14 flights, but restrictions for citizens of Ukraine continue to persist.

For example, Ukrainians can travel to Montenegro by car and to enter the country by plane only as part of a tour group.

“And Russia’s entry without additional conditions, and despite the fact that in Russia the index of incidence to 127.2 and Ukraine 72,8. Money does not smell – it is an old axiom, but the question is, and basic respect,” protested the Consul.