Russian media have announced what will happen after the fake referendums in the occupied territories. There are also problems with partial mobilization – Russia admits mistakes. All voices and developments on the Ukraine war here in the ticker.

4:52 a.m .: The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, advocates the delivery of the Leopard main battle tank to Ukraine. “The Ukrainians want these heavy weapons,” says the former foreign policy advisor to the “Rheinische Post”. Although he can understand that the federal government is opposed to going it alone on this issue, he suggests that Germany should bring together all states that have such a tank in a consortium. “Then these countries could supply Leopard tanks, train Ukrainian soldiers in them and jointly ensure the maintenance of military equipment.”

04:04: The Kremlin has admitted that mistakes were made in the recently announced partial mobilization. “There are cases when the decree is violated,” said Russian Presidential Spokesman Vladimir Putin, adding that “all errors will be corrected.” Putin had issued a decree to mobilize reservists for the fight in Ukraine. According to several reports, however, people without any military experience, as well as the elderly or disabled, are now being conscripted. The partial mobilization had led to protests in Russia.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had announced that 300,000 reservists would be called up. However, reports in Russian opposition media suggested that up to a million people could be called up.

Tuesday, September 27, 1:45 a.m.: The US government has again warned Russia against the use of nuclear weapons in clear terms. The consequences would be “extraordinary” and “real,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price told CNN on Monday evening (local time). This was also made very clear to Moscow. “We didn’t leave the Russians with a shadow of a doubt,” Price said. The US government means business. Price declined to say exactly what those consequences would be.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists for the war of aggression against Ukraine – he also said: “If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will absolutely use all available means to protect Russia and our people . That’s not a bluff.” Observers saw it as a threat to use nuclear weapons. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had already spoken of “catastrophic” consequences at the weekend.

10:47 p.m .: According to statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, with the ongoing partial mobilization of the armed forces, Russia only wants to delay the moment of its own defeat. “They felt they were going to lose. And they’re just trying to delay this moment in order to have at least some activity at the front,” Zelensky said in his video speech on Tuesday night. “Unfortunately, the Russian people are not yet aware of the full brutality of the Russian government towards their own people,” Zelenskyy said. That must be made clear to the Russians.

Around seven months after the war began, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered reservists to be mobilized last Wednesday. Since then, there has been horror in many places in Russia. There are protests across the country. There have also been several attacks on conscription centers.

6:06 p.m .: Russian President Putin has made whistleblower Edward Snowden a Russian citizen. By decree, Putin gave permission to do so on Monday afternoon.

This is reported by the state news agency “Ria Novosti”. Ex-CIA employee Snowden revealed numerous surveillance and espionage practices of the secret services of the USA and Great Britain and thus became world famous.

Snowden was granted asylum in Russia around nine years ago and has since lived shielded from the public in the country ruled by Putin. Experts believe that he is of great political benefit to the Kremlin.

Importantly, according to his lawyer, as a Russian citizen, Snowden could not be committed to the war against Ukraine because he had no history in Russia’s army. Russian intelligence sent armored personnel carriers to the Georgian border

3:27 p.m .: After Putin’s partial mobilization, able-bodied men are drafted into military service across the country. The announcement triggered a large number of people fleeing, with thousands trying to flee across the borders to neighboring countries.

As the news portal “Meduza” now reports, the Russian secret service FSB is now sending an armored personnel carrier to the Georgian border. In the Bundeswehr, these vehicles, which are used to transport troops and material, are also called transport tanks. The portal refers to the Russian newspaper “RBK”. The FSB would take this action “if reservists decide to break through the checkpoint and leave the country without going through border crossing procedures.” And emphasizes: “Only for this purpose.”

12:28 p.m .: After the Russian partial mobilization, Finland set a record for this year for entries from Russia over the weekend. “Last weekend was the busiest weekend of the year on the eastern border,” Finnish Border Guard Mert Sasioglu told AFP. According to the authority on Monday, almost 8,600 Russians crossed the land border on Saturday, and 4,200 crossed the border in the other direction. More than 8,300 Russians arrived on Sunday, and almost 5,100 left the country.

That is an increase of 80 percent compared to the weekend before. The Russian partial mobilization is the main cause. However, there are still fewer border crossings than before the corona pandemic.

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