Is there a change in mood in public opinion in Russia?

As the “Kyiv Post” reports, people in the giant empire are increasingly Googling the terms “mobilization”, “Ukrainians”, “Ukraine state in Europe” and “VPN”. The newspaper evaluated the most frequently searched words in the Russian “Google Trends”.

The term VPN stands for “virtual private network”, which encrypts Internet traffic on unsecured networks and hides the IP address. A VPN connection makes it possible to access websites that are blocked in Russia, for example, but are freely accessible in other countries. For example, Russians can read Western reports on the Ukraine war. In Russia itself, only Kremlin propaganda is reproduced.

The analysis also shows that Russians are increasingly searching for the term “retreat”. Yandex, the most frequently used search engine in Russia, also registered an increase in searches for “how to surrender”. In contrast, searches for “demilitarization” on Yandex and Google in Russia reached 1.5 million queries in mid-February before falling to 69,000 in September.

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