According to a media report, Germany wants to approve the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine as early as Wednesday.

This is reported by the US medium “Bloomberg” based on people familiar with the matter. “Berlin wants to make a decision on this issue quickly in order to settle the growing frustration among the allies,” it said. “n-tv” previously reported, based on government circles, that it could take one to two weeks for the application to be decided.

The Union faction in the Bundestag has previously demanded that the federal government approve the Polish application as quickly as possible. It is assumed that Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) on Wednesday in the current hour in the Bundestag “will also make a corresponding statement so that the reputational damage that we have had in Germany for a long time does not get any worse,” said parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) on Tuesday before a meeting of the CDU and CSU MPs in Berlin.

Ukraine has been asking for main battle tanks for months to defend itself against the Russian attackers. Germany has been hesitant about this so far and has kept a low profile both on the question of its own deliveries and on the approval of deliveries of the Leopard-type main battle tank made in Germany from other countries. Poland on Tuesday asked Germany to authorize delivery of 14 of the German-made tanks to Kyiv.