260,000 Russian men fled the country following the announcement of Putin’s partial mobilization. Russia admits mistakes in partial mobilization. According to Friedrich Merz, the Union does not want to accept Russian conscientious objectors. What happened that night in the Ukraine war.

In the five days since Putin’s announcement of the partial mobilization, 260,000 Russian men have already fled the country. This is reported by the newspaper “Nowaya Gazeta”. The Russian media company “The Bell” also writes that the first men are refused exit at airports and border crossings.

In the course of recruitment, eleven people in Russia have already set themselves on fire, according to the Russian portal “Meduza”.

“I don’t want to go to the front!” – Conscientious objector sets himself on fire in Russia

“They felt they were going to lose. And they’re just trying to delay that moment in order to have at least some activity on the front lines,” Zelenskyy said. “Unfortunately, the Russian people are not yet aware of the full brutality of the Russian government towards their own people,” Zelenskyy said. That must be made clear to the Russians.

The Kremlin has admitted that mistakes were made in the recently announced partial mobilization. “There are cases when the decree is violated,” said Russian Presidential Spokesman Vladimir Putin, adding that “all errors will be corrected.”

Putin had issued a decree to mobilize reservists for the fight in Ukraine. According to several reports, however, people without any military experience, as well as the elderly or disabled, are now being conscripted. The partial mobilization had led to protests in Russia. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had announced that 300,000 reservists would be called up.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz complains about “social tourism” from Ukrainian refugees to Germany. “We are now experiencing social tourism from these refugees: to Germany, back to Ukraine, to Germany, back to Ukraine,” said Merz in an interview with Bild TV. Merz said that initially Ukraine refugees were entitled to care under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act – since June they have received basic security, i.e. the same benefits as Hartz IV recipients.

In his own words, Merz also expects problems with refugees from Russia who are now fleeing partial mobilization. The Union is “strictly opposed” to letting them go to Germany. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser had previously said that deserters threatened with severe repression usually receive international protection in Germany.

The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, advocates the delivery of the Leopard main battle tank to Ukraine. “The Ukrainians want these heavy weapons,” said the former foreign policy adviser in an interview with the “Rheinische Post”. He can understand that the federal government refuses to go it alone on this issue. However, he suggests that Germany should bring together all states that have such a tank in a consortium. “Then these countries could deliver Leopard tanks, train Ukrainian soldiers in them and jointly ensure the maintenance of military equipment,” Heusgen said.

The Russian oligarch Prigozhin, who became known as the cook of Kremlin boss Putin, publicly acknowledged for the first time that he founded the notorious mercenary group “Wagner”. Prigozhin explained on the website of his company Konkord that he formed the unit in 2014 for use on the Russian side in the Ukrainian Donbass.

Prior to this, Prigozhin had never clearly stated links to the “Wagner” troupe. Most recently, however, he indirectly hinted that it was his project. Insiders also confirmed this. Prigozhin has now confirmed, among other things, operations by the “Wagner” group in Syria, other Arab countries as well as in Africa and Latin America. A video recently caused a stir in Russia, which is said to show the businessman and Putin friend recruiting prison inmates to fight in the Ukraine war. The mercenary groups are said to repeatedly violate human rights.

What will be important on Tuesday

In the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, the final day of mock referendums on joining Russia is taking place. Ukraine and the West see the compulsory voting as a violation of international law. It is expected that the areas will be annexed and possibly declared Russian state territory by Putin on Friday.

September 26 Ukraine update – Putin emptied the pool of reservists even before the partial mobilization

With a partial mobilization of the Russian armed forces, Kremlin chief Putin wants to bring about a turnaround in the war against Ukraine. Men are being rounded up across the country and sent to the front. But instead of patriotism, horror is spreading among the people – and resistance.

Putin has called for partial mobilization. But there are many indications that Russia is assembling a mass army. Is that purposeful? No, military experts believe. One historian even believes it will spell the end of Russia as we know it.

After the so-called partial mobilization was announced, thousands of Russians tried to leave the country. Yuri Rescheto reports from Riga.