Ukraine is sold in the United States its most advanced air defense system (PVO), which had at its disposal. It developed in the Soviet Union s-300PT, according to the journal Military Watch.

it is Noted that the reason for the sale was the ongoing economic crisis. The s-300PT was developed in the 1980-ies and much inferior to modern generations of the s-300 according to various parameters, such as range, time of deployment, speed of targets. It is known that after the collapse of the Soviet Union more modern systems Kyiv is not purchased.

Ukraine is Now armed with even more old air defense systems s-125 “Pechora”. They were developed as a Supplement to the first anti-aircraft missile systems s-25 in the 1960-ies. It is reported that the C-125 was deployed to protect political and administrative centers and strategic military installations. The range is 20 kilometers, similar systems still are in service in 30 countries. For comparison, the range of one of the last in the family of s-300 systems “Favorite” is 195 kilometers.

Sold in USA s-300PT will be studied with the goal of developing methods to counter Soviet and Russian missile systems.

Earlier it was reported that the United States will annually allocate Ukraine $ 300 million for military assistance. The money will go including on the provision of lethal weapons, four million dollars will be laid on the training of Ukrainian officers.