The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will consider a bill to postpone for three years the de-Russification of educational institutions — total transition of schools with Russian language of instruction in the Ukrainian language. About it writes “Strenia”.

“At the conciliatory Council [head of the party “servant of the people” Alexander] Kornienko asked him to include in the agenda. [Speaker of Parliament Dmitry] Razumkov supported and put it on Thursday,” — said the initiator of the amendment to the law “About education”, the Deputy Maxim Buzhansky.

He suggested that the transition of schools with Russian language of training on the new curricula, which include a large share of teaching in Ukrainian, was postponed until September 1, 2023.

Without this bill, all Russian-speaking schools of Ukraine from September 1, 2020 will move into the Ukrainian language of teaching. At the same time, schools where teaching is conducted in the official languages of the EU, will be able within 3 years to teach in the languages of national minorities.

The main scientific and expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada previously published conclusions on the bill. The document States that the establishment of a uniform transition period for students of all indigenous peoples and national minorities of Ukraine in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution providing for the free development, use and protection of the Russian language (article 10).

In March, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has signed the law “About complete General secondary education” that terminates in the country of Russian-speaking school from September 2020. Students from Russian-speaking families in the fifth grade should learn the Ukrainian language at least 80 percent of the items. Training program in Russian are canceled.

European Commission for democracy through law (Venice Commission) drew attention of the Ukrainian authorities to the imbalance in the language policy and discriminationof provisions of the law.