Ukraine in its present borders, never existed, wrote the Senator Alexei Pushkov in Twitter.

So he responded to the publication of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov reminded that in the Soviet Union, Ukraine came in all of a plurality of areas, receiving their "completely free". Current Ukrainian politicians, according to the former head of the government, learned how the land "only to squander".

Pushkov called this remark is very true.

"It (the Ukraine. — Approx. ed.) all owe to Lenin and the Soviet Union. Was the biggest mistake of the Bolsheviks and the Communist party to give her all the territories" — he wrote.

According to the MP, Moscow had to leave Ukraine is just her "ancestral lands" — a few areas to the East of Kiev landlocked.


At the end of last year, the mayor of Kherson Vladimir Nikolaenko said that the black sea has nothing to do with Russia and traditionally Russian territories were "only the marshes near Moscow."