In Ukraine, today the government began to regulate prices for some products, medicines and personal protective equipment. As noted on the website of the government, a hit list of products, “has important social significance” and the goods “anti-epidemic purposes, necessary to prevent the spread of acute respiratory diseases COVID-19”.

we are Talking, primarily, about the food: bread, buckwheat, sugar, flour, pasta, milk, butter, eggs, chicken and mineral water without gas. The list also includes medical drugs, antiseptics and disinfectants, masks, gloves, suits, goggles, FFP2 and FFP3 respirators, Shoe covers, filters for masks.

it reminds of the UNIAN reports, the corresponding decree about introduction of state price regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted on 22 April, 8 may, the document was published in the newspaper “Uryadovy courier”. Ten days later, on 18 may, it entered into force and will be valid until the end of the quarantine.

Now the sellers are obliged to declare the change in retail prices for these goods while increasing it to five percent or more. The intention to raise prices in the range of 10 percent must be reported within three days to increase in the range of 15 percent for two weeks, if the seller wants to raise them even higher for the month. For violation of the procedure of administrative punishment.