Street artist Banksy has sprayed graffiti in destroyed cities in Ukraine.

Street artist Banksy has published a video on his Instagram channel showing several of his works in Ukraine. This makes it clear that the artist is also behind a motif that was posted on his channel on Friday: a girl who appears to be doing a handstand on rubble.

In the video, Banksy now shows other motifs that he applied to war-torn cities. Among other things, there is an elderly woman who looks at her destroyed apartment with a gas mask. The video was clicked thousands of times within a short period of time.

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The rocket impact in Poland is still causing a stir two days later. The West suspects that the rocket came from Ukraine – but Zelenskyy blames Russia. This has caused severe criticism of the Ukrainian President.

Almost 20 percent of all oil tankers leaving Russia fully laden these days have no destination. Only on the journey does it become clear to them where they will land. This leads to strange situations on the oceans and dwindles Russia’s oil revenues.

Although Kremlin ruler Vladimir Putin has announced the end of the mobilization, many Russian men are still hiding for fear of being drafted into military service. One of them has been living in a tent in the forest for two months.