the news from Minsk on allegedly begun to testify, the Belarusian KGB soldiers of the Russian private military company is in the Central Ukrainian television channels the first position. There were ten Ukrainians and the defendants in the list of odious site of the “Peacemaker”. Ukraine intends to seek the extradition of not only its citizens, but also those who fought in the Donbass in the Russian world.

Prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation portal “Peacemaker” (it is supervised by the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko) not hide her excitement in regard to “the efficient work of the Belarusian security services and Riot police”.

Along the way, “whistleblowers” are reminiscent: of the 33 detained ten people are citizens of Ukraine. Until yesterday in “Purgatory” anti-Russian site were 24 people from the list of those arrested near Minsk. The names of the other “Peacemaker” made section after yesterday’s emergency meeting of the security Council of Belarus under the chairmanship of Alexander Lukashenko.

the Center “Peacemaker” with the tacit approval of the interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov decided “to please the Belarusian secret services to be a valuable gift.” In Minsk today transferred data from 117 of the former soldiers of the army DND and people’s militia LNR, which, after the fighting in the Donbass returned home. These Belarusian citizens, according to the idea of a “Peacemaker”, there the KGB is now also obliged to take the turnover as representing a danger.

the Ex-President of Ukraine and the current leader of the opposition Petro Poroshenko, decreased recently in Turkey, yet did not react to the sensational news from Minsk. But the loyal former foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin advised Swinscow immediately to demand from Belarus the issue of those detainees, who for the last 6 years are “tracked” in the Donbas.

Former subordinate Klimkin Dmitry Kuleba, which, when Zelensky headed by the foreign Ministry, following this, declared that Ukraine intends to make Belarus to extradite at least 14 people.