now, The European football body, UEFA on Friday for a video-conference with its 55 member states. The union is pushing to be the national leagues for the 3rd of August will play out. The interlandvoetbal stay: all of the games in June will be postponed. Also, the Champions League and the Europa League will be on hold.

The union will make every effort to have the national leagues, however, if you want to work with this year. The closing date was August 3, according to the Dutch football association KNVB.

All of the games in the Champions League and the Europa League and will be until further notice, is suspended. Also, this will be followed-up in the extent to which the corona virus continues to manifest.

Interlandvoetbal in June to shut down

of All the matches of the national team, which is normally in June, would be postponed to a later date yet to be determined. It’s going to be the last of the qualifier competitions for the european football CHAMPIONSHIP in 2021 and the european football CHAMPIONSHIP for women, which may be moved to 2022. Even with all the scheduled friendly international matches, in June, to be postponed.

the Red Devils this means that, in principle, only re-action on the 5th of september, in Denmark, in the Nations League. The Red Flames from the match against Switzerland on the 14th of September, the match will be against Lithuania, on the 9th of June, as well as the friendly international match on June 5 against the Netherlands to be postponed to a later date. They are playing basically in their first international game to take place in Leuven, on the 18th of september against Romania in their european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatiecampagne for the CHAMPIONSHIP of 2022.

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