Uefa has not yet formally decided to move the woman-the european championship and men’s U21-EM to 2022, as the DBU on Wednesday wrote.

Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) may have been too quick on the trigger, when connected on Wednesday, wrote on its website that the women’s european championship and men’s U21-european championship will be moved from 2021 to 2022.

In each case, write The union of European Football associations (Uefa) in an email to BT, that it has not yet taken a formal decision to advance the two tournaments a year forward, in order to make room for the european championships and the OLYMPICS, which has been moved to the summer of 2021 because of coronaviruses.

– No formal decision has yet been taken, but it is certainly a likely possibility (for both tournaments, red.), it sounds in the written answer from Uefas communications department to the newspaper.

the President of the Swedish football association, Karl-Erik Nilsson, wonder also about the message from the DBU.

– There is as yet no Exco-decision (Uefas executive committee, ed.), and the issue was not up on Wednesday’s Exco meeting. Denmark wonder.

the Decision comes when it is finalised by Uefas administration, and we are not there right yet, writes Karl-Erik Nilsson in a text message to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Several major international media have quoted DBU for the story. Ritzau has been in contact with DB, who does not want to comment on the matter.

well, two weeks ago the Norwegian football federation, NFF, for quick on the trigger, when it first announced that this summer’s european championship was moved to the year above. First, two hours later confirmed the Uefa news.

Subsequent acknowledged connected, that it had made a blunder and complained to Uefa.

– We have been mercilessly open, and we were simply a little too fast.

– It was so obvious what the decision would be, and when it was confirmed, so we chose to go out with the confirmation, because the pressure from the media had been so large, said the secretary general of the NFF Pål Bjerketvedt to the Norwegian media NRK.