Uefa still hopes to play in the Champions League and Europa League finish this season.

it Stands for union of European Football associations (Uefa), it does not come in speak to call off the major european club competitions as a result of the current coronakrise.

After Wednesday’s videoconferencing with all the Uefa member states shall communicate to Uefa, both the uefa Champions League and the Europa League is postponed indefinitely but not canceled.

The same applies for all matches in the Uefa auspices, which was to be held in June.

The German media ZDF learns that Uefa are planning to settle the remaining part of the Champions League and the Europa League in July and august – so it may be without spectators on the battens.

The remaining matches in the Champions League and the Europa League, where FC Copenhagen remain with, will be played in parallel with trying to settle the rest of the season in the national leagues or in the beginning of the new season, writes ZDF.

Uefas executive committee, however, has not yet approved the plans.

In the Champions League came to settle some of the first knockout round to the end while some returopgør was not the game, before the corona led to the suspension of the tournament.

In the Europa League are also in the midst of the settlement of the round. FC Copenhagen managed to lose the first ottendedelsfinale out against Turkish Basaksehir 0-1 in Istanbul.

on Monday it emerged that Uefa had asked its 55 member states for videoconferencing. Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU), attended by director Jakob Jensen.

the Purpose of the meeting was, according to Uefa, to “share updates about the development in the two working groups, which were set up two weeks ago, and to discuss the opportunities, they have come forward with a view to the repositioning of the battles.”