UEFA approved the procedure for the selection of clubs in European competitions for the season 20202021

At this point, the working group on the calendar considers two scenarios. Both assume that domestic competition will resume early European. According to one scenario, domestic tournaments and the European Cup will take place in parallel. Second, you need to first complete internal competitions and then pick the competition.

Given the fact that the Championships of Belgium and Scotland have already been completed ahead of schedule in connection with the decrees of the local authorities, UEFA approved the criteria for the selection of clubs in European competitions next season. In the ideal scenario, i.e. when the domestic season is finished, the participants of the European Cup will be identified naturally and in a decent format. In case of difficulties with the calendar UEFA recommends postponed events in a way that would allow clubs to qualify for European competition by a sports principle.

the Reason for the early end of the season may be two: the official order of the authorities prohibiting the holding of sporting events, and economic hardship. If the event still had to stop, then the main criterion for qualification in the European cups should be the teams ‘ performances in the domestic arena in the season 2019/2020.

However, UEFA reserves the right to choose independently. This may be the case if the domestic season ended for reasons not mentioned above, the club was selected in the competition not by a sports principle, and if there is a public opinion that the club was unfairly selected.