“Please give me a Job!”, Jean-Pierre Wüthrich (59) said yesterday in SIGHT. Because older people like him have great difficulty to find another, or a Job at all. Despite over 250 applications Wüthrich has so far had no success.

a VIEW of demand in the labour market experts, such as over 50-Year-old can improve your chances in a job application.

“Before someone writes hundreds of applications, it should get necessarily support. It is a matter of thought patterns to break through,” says Marcel Keller (55) by the staff provider Kelly Services Switzerland. “It is better to use a few, but to write for targeted applications”, adds Pascal Scheiwiller (46), CEO of the Outplacement consulting, von Rundstedt.

Call instead of submit

Before applying, you should obtain as much information as possible about the company and the Job, in the personal environment around and call. “The advantage of a call: The voice reveals the age,” says Scheiwiller. “So candidates avoid the risk to be because of the birth date sorted out immediately.”

Because many companies post Jobs only on the internal application platforms, define very specific criteria that applicants must meet. One of the most important: the age!

Digital networks

An important factor for success: the personal network. “70 percent of all job seekers find a Job through networks – personal as well as digital,” says Keller (55). In digital networks, such as Linkedin, Xing, or Indeed would always be more important. “I don’t need, I hear again and again, that’s today,” adds Keller.

in addition, “It needs a perfect resume to find a Job. Perfect means that the career must be correctly and completely listed”, emphasized labour market expert Keller.

the resume should be immediately apparent why a candidate fits exactly to the point. Because today recruiters have much less time to study a resume, so cellar.