Basel wants to make the unemployed seek work in the border tasty. This does not bring much, except for big Trouble in the Affected (LOOK told). Reported to have workers, mostly older. Because the Situation of many seekers over 50 is more serious than the official Figures. You no longer feel used, let down, often have lost the courage, the numbers of retraining from the bag.

today The published unemployment figures for the month of April show that Even the old-age, unemployment goes back a bit, but less than the youth unemployment.

the Older look no longer

Pascal release wiler (46), CEO of the Outplacement company von Rundstedt, Switzerland, supervised on behalf of the company laid-off employees, will help you to Orient a new career. It is clear to him: “The targeted discrimination against older workers, I see.” He knows, however, that “It takes older workers on the job longer to find a Job again.”

The consultant Elisabeth Michel-Alder is aware of the discrepancy between the official Figures and the harsh fates of job-seekers over 50. There are indicators, which rose to a worsening of the Situation for over 50-Year-old notes: “The number of older social assistance recipients in recent years is dramatic.” In addition, the number of those people who leave the whole life of the work increases, before reaching the regular retirement age, usually without the lucrative early-retirement scheme.

It needs other training programs

Also, the number of self-employed to take over 55 clearly: “These people need their Savings or keep up with odd jobs to report as the Department of social services.” Michel-Alder condemned all the political efforts to cut social aid funds and recipients of social assistance bad going: “These people are not Flohner, but the negative Image to them.”

What can we do about it? For Michel-Alder it takes a lot more training programs tailored to people over 45. “In Switzerland offers, targeted at humans, the life have reached in their profession quite a lot already, wants to try something New but again is missing.” The Problem in Switzerland is that The entire education system is geared to climb, to transition.

The Ball lies primarily with the companies, find release wiler. “The big companies have recognized that there is a need for retired employees of a professional service. This insight is missing in many SMEs.” This is because, when a notice of termination cannot be avoided, an employer should be at least up to its social responsibility.