the threat be affected, the schools may be, it was said. The children were in safety.

a Little later the police said that the measure was in connection with the investigation of the FBI after an 18-Year-olds. The woman with the name Sol Pais had traveled to Colorado. Of your be threats out. She was armed and considered “extremely dangerous,” it said in a Twitter message.

The school Board announced on Twitter that all students and staff at the affected schools were in safety. The lessons went on, therefore, the access had been restricted. In addition to the Columbine high school 21 other schools in the vicinity of Denver were affected.

The news came a few days before the anniversary of the massacre at Columbine high school in Littleton: On 20. April 1999 there had shot and killed two of them with pistols and rifles armed Teenagers twelve classmates and a teacher. Then they killed themselves.