U.s. prosecutors have on Monday from Brooklyn after a large-scale study revealed that some of the current members of the Executive Committee of the Wereldvoetbalbond of FIFA bribes, have received at the beginning of december 2010, the allocation of the world cup in 2018 and 2022 to Russia and Qatar, and in those countries, to cast a vote.

as For the world cup in 2018, to organize, were, in addition, as well as Russia, England, Spain/Portugal and Belgium/Netherlands are in the running. The world cup of 2022, there were projects in Qatar, and the United States of america, Japan, south africa, South Korea, Australia and so on. In the end, in Zürich, switzerland, Russia, and Qatar, and as the surprise winners out of the bus.

The disclosures come in a wide-ranging investigation into the FIFA scandal, which several years ago began. Former Brazil back Ricardo Teixeira, the former CONMEBOL president Nicolas Leoz, received a bribe in exchange for their vote for Qatar, while former CONCACAF president Jack Warner, the $ 5 million it received in exchange for a vote on the Russia”, so it sounds like it’s in the indictment. “Rafael Salguero, president of the Guatemalan association was awarded $ 1 million.”

Also, two former executives from the media company, 21st Century Fox Inc. have been sued. Hernan Lopez, and Carlos Martinez, are accused of fraud and money laundering. Former managing director Gerard Romy, from the Spanish company Imagina Media Audiovisual, SL should soon be justified, as the head of a sportmarketingbedrijf from Canada.

Photo: AP < / P> Russia denies the allegations that have been made:

the Kremlin’s allegations from the alleged wrongful acquisition of the world CHAMPIONSHIP of 2018 to not just be accepted. “We’ll have to see what the media has reported, Russia has no idea what it is,” says the spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. “Russia has the right to take the world cup to be organised in a perfectly legal way of obtaining. There was not a single moment in time, corruption started to take it: it is something we are going to at any time turn it down.”

Peskov made the most of the opportunity to be used in order to underline the fact that Russia has a perfect world cup football is organized, and that “the whole country is proud on this achievement.”
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