The US investigative committee has published the final report on the storming of the Capitol and recommended that the judiciary initiate criminal proceedings against Donald Trump. If the charges in the report are raised and Donald Trump is found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of up to 40 years in prison.

After almost two years of investigations, the committee of inquiry into the storming of the US Capitol has published its final report. The committee called for the first explosive consequence on Monday: The investigative committee recommends that the US Department of Justice initiate criminal proceedings against former President Donald Trump on four counts.

If Donald Trump is found guilty on all four counts, he could face up to 40 years in prison. He could also face thousands of dollars in fines and a ban from ever running for US President again. That would be the maximum sentence that the former US President could get. So far, no realistic assessments are possible because the charges are recommendations of the investigative committee for the US judiciary.

The U-Committee has raised 17 findings that would support the indictment against the ex-president. Panel member Jamie Raskin told Britain’s News Channel that the U-Committee had collected enough evidence to prove Donald Trump’s breach of the Constitution. Although the U-Committee’s recommendations are not legally binding, they increase the pressure on the US judiciary. The judiciary must now decide on criminal proceedings and possible charges.

In the more than 150-page final report, the committee outlines 17 findings from the investigations, which are intended to show that Donald Trump tried to stay in power regardless of the losses. The committee also looked at Trump’s co-conspirators and outlined law enforcement’s failures. FOCUS online gives you an overview of the 17 findings. The committee of inquiry came to the following conclusions:

In the comprehensive final report, the investigative committee came to the following conclusion: “The central cause of the events of January 6 was one man, former President Donald Trump, who was followed by many others. None of the events of January 6th would have happened without him.”