In the case of “Bachelor in Paradise” participants of the previous “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette”seasons once again the Chance to find their great love. The Show alternately assigned once the men and the women of your roses.

At this year’s season in the USA, for the first Time a same-sex relationship. Between the two women Demi Burnett (24) and Kristian Haggerty, it has a spark neat but not during the season. Because Kristian Haggerty nothing to do with “Bachelor in Paradise had actually” on the hat and was the first of the season. The two met instead in front of the TV-Show on a couple of Dates, but it never became something more serious.

Kristian has been realized flown

In the show, Demi, that you just want, and Kristian. Therefore she entrusted herself presenter Chris Harrison (48). Together, they have decided that they can Demis heart lady to Mexico and to Paradise fly. There Demi your Kristian confesses, then finally her love: “In the second I saw you, I knew you’re the Right one. And only you. And I want to be with you.”

host Chris Harrison is now a Fan of the two. At the rose ceremony, he says: “In Paradise it comes to finding love – no matter how the look like.”

Not quite so pleased to see Derek Peth (32). Had it apart, even on Demi Burnett, he anbandelte to start with. Your heart beats but clearly for Kristian.

you want to be an example for others

at the beginning it was difficult for you to open to your feelings, revealed Demi in the Podcast “the Bachelor’s “Happy Hour””. She adds: “But I am glad that I can now be someone with whom others can identify, the struggle with the same things and are afraid to come out.” (bsn)