Local residents such generosity is not surprising. There are so accepted. For many years enterprises engaged in the production of salmon, free treat people during the fishing season. This year managed to distribute three tons. The fishermen themselves do not consider it a promotion. More of a tradition if the fish are there, then people need to treat.

senior Advisor to the regional fishery Agency Julia Prokopets says that when the Agency found out in the field at what price sold by the fish, inhabitants of the North-Kurilsk joked that the fish they do not sell at all. Only distribute.

to Feed his fish people and the fishermen from Yuzhno-Kurilsk. As reported to the municipality every year this event suits the local fish processing plant. Traditionally distributed most of the first catch. Free fish receive only the poor, including pensioners. “All, of course, can not feed, if we get everyone a fish, then the plant would go bankrupt,” – says the interviewee “RG”.

But such a gift the locals are happy – go pick up your free “two tail” when they receive a call from the staff of net. There are all the phone numbers and addresses of the needy. This time the fish were treated to about a hundred people. The action took place near the Department of social protection. Those people who have been there hard to come, volunteers brought her home.