The captain has been arrested after a cruise ship crashed into a motorboat. Two people died and several are missing.

After a ship accident on the Hungarian Danube left two people dead and five missing, Hungarian police have arrested the captain of the river cruise ship allegedly involved. The sailor is suspected of failing to provide assistance resulting in death, the authority announced on its website on Monday. The police assume that the “MS Heidelberg” collided with a motorboat late on Saturday evening near Veröce, 50 kilometers north of Budapest.

A passenger on the motorboat rescued himself to the shore with serious injuries. That same night, rescue workers recovered the bodies of a man and a woman. Police and rescue teams continued to search in large numbers on Monday for another three men and two women who were in the boat. The emergency services estimated the chances of finding her alive were minimal.

The hotel ship continued sailing after the suspected collision. The police arrested him on Sunday in the town of Komarom, about 90 kilometers away. Damage could be seen on the ship’s hull. According to their own statements, the police questioned the crew members and passengers of the cruise ship. She did not provide any information about the nationality of the arrested captain.

According to media reports, the “MS Heidelberg”, which sails under the Swiss flag, was on its way from Budapest to Passau. There are said to have been 110 passengers on board the 110 meter long hotel ship.

The accident awakened memories in Hungary of a shipping disaster that occurred on the Danube in Budapest in May 2019. At that time, a river cruise ship rammed a small excursion boat. The two Hungarian crew members of the smaller ship and 27 South Korean tourists were killed.

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