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The judge in new jersey has two shoplifters detained, because they were the agents that brought them oppakten in Lebbeke, be inflicted with the corona virus. Notification to the public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders, belgium.

The shoplifting occurred on Tuesday at around 16.15 hours, in a department store is AD Delhaize is in the Cross, in Km. “A man has been to the shop, entered it and it has a number of products to be included (food and drink are worth 95 euros), while a friend out of just stood there, waiting. Then, the first accused went out, he fled away with the booty. During the flight, he pushed the people aside. The second suspect was in the parking lot of the store, the police, van Buggenhout/Km were caught,” says the public prosecutor’s office.

a 31-year-old man in out of Space, it was taken into account in the politiecombi. “On the way to the office, he was verbally aggressive and said that he was tainted with the same name. He coughed several times in the direction of the officers, and told them that he also was inflicted,” says the public prosecutor’s office. “The second suspect, a 37-year-old man, from Ottignies, could be referred to on the Dendermondsesteenweg, in Km. The treasures of north america, it was in him to be found. At the time of his arrest, he exclaimed to the officers that he was very ill, and that he has been infected with corona, and the agents also went to attack. He uttered more threats to the police and told them that everyone in the hospital, it would end up. He was also locked up in a cell, where he is still being very aggressive, the worst, and entered. He kept shouting that as he went to attack.”

The two men were drunk, and it could only be after me even more sure heard it. They were brought before the investigating judge in new jersey for robbery with violence, or the threat of false verbal messages about the danger of terrorist attacks on the person or property or which criminal penalties are imposed, and the distribution of the “apparently non-dangerous substances, that have serious feelings of fears of attacks can cause”. The public prosecutor’s office can lift heavy on the facts, and asked for the arrest of the two suspects. The judge ordered both men to be aanhoudingsmandaat place.

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