A painter operating with two apartments on the stand early Wednesday morning in flames.

Shortly after 7 p.m., the fire Department moved to the school road in Mellikon AG, in order to combat the flames. Nevertheless, the fire destroyed the roof floor and the upper floor.

The residents who were in the upper floor of the building hausen, leave the house independently. Two people had to be transferred to a flue gas poisoning to the hospital, notify the police Department of the Canton of Aargau.

fire because of Smoke

Soot, smoke and extinguishing water made the whole house provisional uninhabitable. The material damage is considerable, however, could not be estimated.

According to initial findings, the fire on negligent handling of smoke were due. The investigation by the Canton police of Aargau, are in progress. The competent public Prosecutor’s office Brugg-Zurzach
opened a criminal case. (you)