the Van Heurck and the ECA, and two Belgian companies, started together with the manufacturing of surgical, surgical masks and FFP2-surgical masks, in his own country. In the long term, there should be about 4 million masks per week are produced. “If necessary, the whole of the Belgian population as a whole of the mask of time.

“We’re manufacturing as fast as possible to start investigating all the different options on the supply and production of raw materials. In addition, we can look to other Belgian companies. We do this also on the support of the team of the prime Minister and The Backer”, says in a news release. Minister De Backer, called it a great example of a Belgian enterprise. “I am pleased that we are working with the Belgian production and, as well, to move forward. We are sure to be of high quality. That is, it is very important for anyone who is Covid-19 in fighting it,” he says.

In a few weeks ‘ time, there will be four machines to be installed for the production of surgical, surgical masks. Each machine can be up to 45 million masks per year in the production, it is, therefore, a total of over 190 million, surgical, surgical masks, per year, or about 4 million a week.

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“this way, we can, if necessary, to the entire national population of high-quality surgical masks are provided. The distribution of these, we are already in discussion with Bpost. If it is deemed necessary, we will very quickly be able to switch it to, ” says De Backer.

The companies also have an FFP2 machine is purchased, and that they have a few weeks, you have 10 million FFP2-masks per year and are able to produce in this country.

“We want to work together with the Netherlands. There are, at this moment, all FFP2 masks are produced, but it is still not the surgical masks. We will start with the production of surgical masks), in our country, first. We’re going to change it. In this way, we are as well as Belgium and the Netherlands, the example of working together within the European Union and The Backer.

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