The times bought the train tickets only at the counter are long gone. Digital tickets have replaced the cardboard tickets. Also at SBB. Their customers can pay for since new with the mobile App Twint. Fast, easy, and flexible – for many passengers, this payment is a possibility of a simplification. But not for all.

show How to VIEW research, makes Twint problems. This happened on 29. October, Steven H.* (18) paid for his ticket in the SBB-App Twint. But this went on for belonging in the pants: even Though H. has paid, has not appeared, the Ticket purchased on the Display.

“In 5 percent it does not work”

As he told, he joined in the good-Faith belief in the train. There is the shock: 100 francs buses – due to black-and-driving! “I was able to prove to the conductor with my Bank data, in fact, that I had paid the amount,” said H. Nevertheless, this had no mercy.

it could not leave the young man on the seat. So he went to see a SBB switch. But even there, you had no hearing for him. You referred him to a phone number. The explanation of the Hotline: To 95% it’ll work with Twint – and 5 per cent not. And compensation for Hofer? Fail display.

Twint know the Problem

SBB-spokesman Daniele Pallecchi contradicts vehemently. “We have no systematic Problem with Twint”, he stresses on demand. And further: “for Us, individual cases are known, but it is not sure, 5 percent.” For further information you must apply directly to Twint.

There you have to Pay to be aware of the problems when Twint-in the SBB App. “In a few cases, below 3 percent, the Problem occurs”, so Twint speaker Victor Schmid. This is true, but only for the payments with the SBB – otherwise, Twint functioning smoothly. Schmid: “Somewhere between the Bank and the SBB, the money remains stuck. But we are working hard to figure out, where the reason for the Problem is.”

SBB seek “reasonable solutions” to

The Federal Railways make it quite clear that they were interested in each incident to the affected customers a “reasonable” solution. In the case of Steven H. the SBB have issued as of the original buses 46 francs.

* Name

amended The Twint Problem is not an isolated case

SIGHT-reader Franz Peller* also had a Twint Problem. Last week Thursday, he resolved to 13.58 at a Ticket via the SBB App from Zürich to Bern – and paid with Twint – the train left at 14.06 PM. “The payment has been posted, but I didn’t get a Ticket. Neither the SBB App, and my E-Mail Inbox,” he says.

Before the train departed, he depicted the Problem of a stewardess and showed her the payment on his mobile phone. “Just because the lady was so accommodating, I was allowed to ride,” he explains. Now, a week later, the Surprise – Twint cancelled the payment of 31.20 Swiss francs. Peller can’t resist the Schadenfreude. “At first I was angry – now I benefit from the SBB-Twint-Chaos.”

*the Name has been changed

So you need to do in case of problems with Twint action

What in trouble with Twint? Speaker Victor Schmid has all the answers. He assured that The money that has been debited to the customers of his Twint account will automatically be refunded after one week of return. But this only happens, if no purchase is concluded and accordingly, there is no confirmation for an E-Ticket is done. This does not happen, to report to the person Concerned at his Bank, or directly to Twint.

The SBB advises their customers who have purchases problems with the Ticket, the following will Appear: after the purchase, no confirmation and no Ticket, no purchase is made. You get caught in the train, you should call the place that is called in the Supplement form.