she commutes regularly from Zürich to Cologne and back, most recently for the Sat.1-series “lice mother”: the TV Star Isabella Schmid (48) is a diligent customer, Deutsche Bahn. But very happy the actress with the Service of the train company doesn’t seem to be, as she now makes public. On the contrary: “It is sometimes difficult to abandon the plane”, and pimped you on Facebook.

On your profile it tells of one of these bad rides with the German train company. “I just drove from Cologne to Zurich, change trains in Mannheim. The railway was in Cologne already so crowded in the aisles and in the vestibule people were, or even on the floor sat”, begins Schmid.

After the Change, you would have found no place and was therefore left in the dining car. Bloss: “Two drunk guys were to me and ordered babbling more Beers”, says Schmid, who actually wanted to work.

“stuck in the Course of sockets, so that the people can consume”

from the rose of all the Ills of the phone battery. Schmid wanted to charge your mobile phone. “In the dining car there is in the stand-up cafe outlets. However, these were glued shut,” was outraged. You’ve heard that this was not done intentionally, so that the people sitting at the Computer and consume too little.

But that’s not enough with adversity: finally, Schmid forgot the car even, your Tickets will be in the dining. In the train from Basel to Zurich, you will have noticed this. Via a nice Swiss checker, you found out that your Tickets have not been cars in the previously used ICE already on the table in the dining. “I think the German colleagues cleaned up everything clean.” The SBB-workers have shown then but accommodating, and the Billet Basel-Zurich, you have to buy new would have to be adopted.

“Perhaps makes the DB changes a further development of the SBB”

in contrast to the “Service” of the Deutsche Bahn, Schmid of the SBB delighted: “A big thank you to these fine conductor, and his gesture, to strive, to find and care for a customer who also a little upset.”

With a sharp tongue adds Schmid: “Perhaps the DB can make a training course at the SBB or in France (…). I would even participate.” Because Hardly it was on Swiss soil, flap everything – and the SBB supports the German colleagues with trains and friendly staff. (wyt)