TV presenter Jörg Pilawa (56) and his wife Irina (48, née Opaschowski) have separated after more than 20 years of relationship and 16 years of marriage. This was confirmed by the moderator’s lawyer on Tuesday.

The moderator is now apparently distracted by his favorite hobby: horseback riding. According to “Bild” his new passion. Every free minute is Pilawa at the Putfarcken stables in Hamburg. For two months he has even had his own horse, mare Luise, which he shares with his daughter. He is also said to have bought a horse trailer so that he could also ride on the Baltic Sea.

A friend told the newspaper: “Jörg seems relaxed and at peace. He’s at peace with himself.”

The distraction is certainly good for him. After all, the couple was together for 23 years. By the way: the two exchanged vows in May 2006 in an unusual place: in the Congo. “It was a very spontaneous decision. Nothing was planned,” he revealed to “Bild” at the time. Pilawa supports aid projects of the German Welthungerhilfe in the Congo.

In 2019, Pilawa told the “Kleine Zeitung” how romantically he met his wife Irina: During the warm-up of a performance. “Before a show there are people who already entertain the audience. Irina’s friends also took part and they asked her if she wouldn’t like to try it because she’s funny and spontaneous. That’s when I saw her and that’s when it happened to me.”

The moderator and the teacher have three children together. Pilawa has a son from a previous relationship. Until now, they lived together in the Bergedorf district of Hamburg.

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