the Danish TV viewers must continue to turn over on the TV3 Sports channels, when there shall be seen the Champions League-ball – it must be the Swedish and Norwegian tv-viewers, by contrast, are not.

Nordic Entertainment Group (CHRONICALLY Group) could one day come out, that Champions League football continues on their Danish channels up to at least 2024.

But roughly at the same time announced the CHRONICALLY that it could no longer afford to continue with the Champions League rights in Sweden and Norway – where the viewers now for the first time in many years is to find the prestigious club football tournament on a new channel.

Anders Jensen, ceo of CHRONICALLY Group, tells now to the world’s most popular websites, to deliberately let the rights in Norway and Sweden decamp in order to save Denmark.

“There has also been a tough budkamp in Denmark, but we went more aggressively forward. We moved some money from Sweden and Norway to defend the Champions League rights in Denmark. This is partly because some national differences,” he says, and continues:

“In Norway, there is a great player who has lost the Premier League, and in Sweden, a large telecom operator bought a media company. So there are slightly different dynamics in the individual countries.”

the Fight for the rights to the coveted tournament has in recent years become harder and harder. In Sweden takes Telia together with Swedish TV4 and CMore – according to Expressen – rights from CHRONICALLY.

And the price for the rights in Sweden is similar supposedly to what the rights are earlier cost subtotal in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.