envy, the sixth of the seven deadly sins, is the German well-known. Jealous of the person is on salary, house, wife, car of the other. And a not shall be forfeited to the pride, a mortal sin, he is silent about his money, the Next not jealous. FOCUS Online

talking about Sex. Over The Content? It is better not to

“deserve The big salaries-comparison” in the ZDF wants to break the Silence. Transparency is one of the favorite words in this documentation. Vice versa: The conversation over the content is more taboo than talking about Sex. Accordingly, a small Berlin-based company, the Bio-distributes frozen food would be dirty, downright. Because you want to make honest, but only if all of the employees are unanimously in favour of it. It fails at the end of four people. Screenshot ZDF, The employees of Ökofrost have decided at the end against the disclosure of their salaries.

Twelve years of training

As is paid in Germany? The nurse has 30 hours of 2220 euros gross, and is unhappy. Your profession is this for other even less attractive. The senior doctor gets to 7600 Euro. It has been through twelve years of education, justifies his salary. Or don’t you?

Fast DDR, but not

But everything has to be in the minds of many the same, extremely, super open, almost as GDR. But we know: In the former socialism quite different wages were paid. So also in Germany today. Because of course it is a difference whether a Car mechanic earns in Halle / Saale in 2150 euros, while the colleague in Mannheim brings 3050 Euro home. The companies in the new länder are significantly smaller, so less in number, strong, in addition, the cost of living in the East are dramatically lower than in Western German conurbations. What is this envy of debate that launches the ZDF? Screenshot ZDF, The wage difference between the East and the West. An Automotive mechatronics engineer in Halle / Saale, deserves to be 2150 Euro, the colleague in Mannheim 3050 Euro.

The arms of the hairdresser, the rich real estate agent?

And is it not logical that the hairdresser, the taxi driver and the kitchen have the help of significantly less in the wallet than a real estate agent that comes in a good month to 20,000 euros, and in bad months, but also really Bad? The success is rewarded and remunerated. So this is in a performance society.

The pilot, you trust your life, the cashier only the cancellation

2.990 euros earned by the average German. Of course, it seems funny, if the best Verdi conceded at the end of Manager of the Software giant SAP 1.8 million euros. And in the month. But the airplane Pilot, you entrust your life to come in order to the malls, to the right of about 13,000 euros of earnings. The responsibilities of the cashier at the discounters, with 1,600 to be in part-time remains manageable. In the worst case, you make a cancellation or a cash-crash.

housewife, wife and mother, a career woman?

the Mar Remains, warmed up in the ZDF, that women earn an awful lot less than men. Of course, nobody wants to today, the so-called brides-to-be schools of the ‘ 50s, in which women prepare for the triple-role as housewife, wife and mother. But part-time models and time-outs don’t help, when it comes, to close the gap in the salary level of the men. After all, six percent of the wage gap still remains, are calculated out of everything. Should not be true.

you do not seek stone age-Heinis and organic carrots!

But the lament about “discrimination” is completely covered. If women want to live join in a job, not a career, want to make, then there is only one solution: look for men who are not stone-age guys and take care of in partnership to child rearing and household! Foreign support does not stop for the work of the devil, in doubt, it can be trained educators, already better than you yourself. If you prefer to sit in mom cafe and let you know about organic carrots talk, that is totally okay. But then stop whining that you are not professionally disadvantaged as unsustainable. That’s not true. And the bored.

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