Boris Becker, who has been released from prison for a few weeks, shows himself with a new look on Instagram. In a video he talks about the anticipation of “finally” being able to talk about tennis on TV again as a commentator.

Boris Becker is back – with a new hairstyle! The former tennis pro has only been free since December. He had previously been in a British prison for almost eight months. After his release, he gave Steven Gätjen a lengthy TV interview, but apart from that he initially made himself rare in public. Now, however, the 55-year-old shared a video of himself on Instagram.

It has been known for a long time that Boris Becker will soon be appearing as a tennis commentator on the Eurosport station. Now Boris announced this news to his fans on Instagram personally. “Finally the time has come, I’m back and can pursue my passion for commenting on tennis, for speaking about tennis. And of course all this live on Eurosport. Tune in,” says the former Wimbledon winner in a short Instagram clip. He also posted the hashtag “Australian Open”, so tennis fans will finally be able to hear Boris’ expertise again.

In his comments, however, Boris’ followers focus less on tennis and much more on his appearance. What really catches the eye: Boris has a new hairstyle. He now wears his hair razor short, a clear change from his head of hair in the TV interview. But the rest of his appearance seems to have changed since his release from prison. “He looks 20 years younger” or “So slim, so fit and a lot of fire in his eyes,” commented the enthusiastic fans under his video. The break that Boris has taken in the past few weeks seems to have done him good.

Soon it will be “Let’s Dance” again on Cologne’s private broadcaster RTL. The popular dance show is expected to start again in February. The TV station confirmed almost all participants in the evening. Among them are some surprises.

Boris and Lilly Becker have been separated since 2018, but are officially married to this day. This could change now. A court date is scheduled for January.

In her annual review with Matze Knop, Cathy Hummels also talks about Boris Becker. Her devastating conclusion: “That wasn’t okay!” The tennis star doesn’t let that sit on her and shows her.

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