On February 18, the cult show “Who knows something?” celebrates its anniversary. Shortly beforehand, moderator Kai Pflaume invites well-known faces to the XXL version of the popular advice show. But at the center of the show are not the celebrities, but everything that you don’t (yet) know.

On February 18, the know-it-all show “Who knows for something like that?” could put a cake with an incredible 1000 candles in the studio, because the ARD bestseller has had so many episodes since it started in 2015. Illustrious celebrities have already announced themselves for the anniversary series: Among others, Günther Jauch and Markus Lanz will compete against each other alongside Bernhard Hoëcker and Elton.

Until then, however, the fans of the show will have to deal with old acquaintances for the first XXL edition in 2023. Both Jan Delay and “Bergdoktor” Hans Sigl, circus specialist Lili Paul-Roncalli and the Austrian all-rounder Klaus Eberhartinger have already proven their knowledge several times in “Who knows for something?” or at least didn’t bother the team leaders Hoëcker and Elton further, to play off their accumulated expertise in not quite 1000 episodes.

Routine is particularly noticeable with Hans Sigl, who shows his guessing partner Hoëcker the way on several occasions. Actress Aylin Tezel – she too already has a certain “WWDS” history – also tries to do the same with Elton: “We don’t know anything, don’t you notice that?” Which then also comes true: Sigl wins the round by a mile.

Once again, we viewers will take enough material with us for the next party talk. After all, who knows that Henry Ford invented the work-free Saturday in 1926? “A real Ford step,” jokes moderator Kai Pflaume, who is never at a loss for a pun. We also learn that, statistically, there are six birds for every person in the world, and that icing is best applied to frozen cakes. And that desert horned vipers coyly mate under the sand. “You always learn something new,” Pflaume says happily. Even if, like him, you’ve been there for almost 1000 episodes.

The only newcomer to the guessing round this time is the 75-year-old circus director Bernhard Paul, who competes against his daughter Lili: who makes whom look old in this family duel? After all, Lili Paul-Roncalli does a slow fox with Elton, which looks more like a duel than a dance. Dear “Let’s Dance” editors: There is still something to do here! However, Lili’s effort was not rewarded: father Bernhard Paul made it to the semi-finals, but primarily through co-rater Bernhard Hoëcker.

With the musician duel singer Jan Delay versus Klaus Eberhartinger, former frontman of the Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung, there is a mood at the end, since both opponents are much more communicative than the circus director and his daughter and also do not leave everything to the two fully professional guessers. Jan Delay also admits that he simply sits with sunglasses in the studio, which is not exactly brightly lit, for reasons of coolness. Learned something again.

The semi-finals are purely Austrian with Klaus Eberhartinger, Hans Sigl and Bernhard Paul. In the knowledge battle for a time on the “hot seat” is the end of the line for Bernhard Paul. The dream team Hans Sigl / Bernhard Hoëcker wins the subsequent endgame. Incidentally, the most victories so far have been achieved by “WWDS” permanent guests Christoph Maria Herbst, Atze Schröder and Judith Rakers. Who knows? Those from Wikipedia.

For the 1000th episode, Kai Pflaume has already announced that he and all the other protagonists will then appear in a tuxedo or evening dress. But actually it doesn’t matter. Because with “WWDS” not even the celebrities are really the focus. Rather, everything that you don’t know.

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