The home-cooked modification of the “Cologne Basic Law” runs through day 3 of the “Perfect Dinner” (VOX): “Et kütt wie et kütt and et would have still tasted good”. But hostess Ramona does not always manage to keep to the serenity that the law promises.

“Et kütt wie et kütt” (“It comes as it comes”): When it comes to accepting the inevitable, the people of Cologne become downright spiritual. Article two of the famous “Cologne Basic Law” alias guideline for all situations in life is not only convenient for the convinced cathedral city resident Ramona (39) when she accidentally uses the entire beef stock for the starter and there is nothing left for the roulade sauce. It is also the motto for a menu that includes tried-and-tested classics and secret family recipes: “It tastes like it does and it would still have tasted good.”

Ramona already has her father’s permission to reveal the generation-long secret recipe for his potato soup, which is only served at Christmas – and this premiere already seems to put an end to the main course. The 39-year-old accidentally uses all of the beef stock that she has prepared herself for the soup. The sauce for the roulades is now without an adequate basis. Reason enough to unsettle the already super nervous Ramona: “What am I going to do now? Sch… oh, but you can’t say that on TV.”

Fortunately, as a rock in the surf, she not only has the Cologne attitude to life, but also an extremely supportive husband at her side. Martin (37) not only dutifully cuts up the head of red cabbage, but also comments on Ramona’s somewhat panicked efforts to use part of the potato soup as a sauce base with loving encouragement: “Look, that just reflects your cooking style – you’re great at improvising.”

And so Ramona, visibly tense, but brave and beautiful in a green silk dress, trudges through the home-style menu, including apple crumble and “raspberry dream” with fruit, mascarpone and cream: “It’s made from raspberries, and my daughter’s name also means Malina ‘Raspberry”. Unfortunately, the cream that has become too warm becomes butter and Ramona finally fatalistic: “It doesn’t matter, just add liquid.”

Luckily, her guests notice the lack of lightness, but appreciate the menu: “This means the roulade has arrived in the 21st century,” says Jörg (62) with satisfaction. This is how a total of 31 points came about – after all, Ramona is currently second and in the group it is easier to implement Article 10: “Drinkste ene met?”

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