Big finale in Mallorca: In the last episode of “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” – it was broadcast on VOX on Sunday evening – four Ballermann-tested hit party singers compete on unfamiliar terrain in the kitchen: Almklausi, Isi Glück, Ina Colada and Lorenz Buffalo. As expected, this round will be colourful, loud and boozy.

Ex-“Miss Germany” Isi Glück starts things off. The 31-year-old is the face of the mega park on Mallorca and an experienced cook with a talent for improvisation. Her menu: watermelon and feta salad, linguine with salmon and a white wine and vegetable sauce. For dessert there is an apple pie based on Grandma Glück’s recipe. Not to be forgotten: the aperitif. Isi serves sangria presented in a bucket and with straws. But the hostess doesn’t love everything about her adopted home: “The Ballermann is also known for the fact that everyone smiles in a friendly way and stabs you with a knife in the back when you turn around.” Good friends are scarce here. “I have four.”

On her evening, however, the atmosphere is great. The guests hold hands and say “Beep, beep, beep – Bon appetit!” Colleague Ina Colada is impressed by the main course: “You don’t get good advice on the salmon in a restaurant,” she praises. With her menu, Isi Glück received an impressive 27 points.

The successful pop singer Ina Colada (“air mattress”) also gets big praise. The 35-year-old serves up a beetroot carpacchio, homemade tapas variations and a crema Catalana – supported by friend Tim (Ina: “Tim from Tinder”). He reminds Lorenz Büffel of someone famous: “You look like Bruce Willis!” Tim proves the strong nerves of the “Die Hard” actor late at night.

After the crowd of guests is partying loudly with children’s instruments, there’s a knock at the door. A neighbor of the residential park is anything but amused: “In 15 minutes people in uniform will be here and they won’t want to join the party,” Ina’s friend Tim tells the bad news. Isi understood even more: “She said in Spanish that we should shut up.” Despite this abrupt mood swing, Ina Colada received 29 points for her menu.

The expectations of the host on day 3 are manageable: “She will prepare everything and he just throws everything in the pot,” speculate Isi and Ina about Almklausi. The party singer (“Mama Laudaaa”) openly admits: “I’m the underdog here.” In the background, Ms. Maritta pulls the strings. This is also sorely needed, because as it turns out, Almklausi doesn’t even know how to turn on the stove. He still knocks out clever sayings in the kitchen: “Now we’re going to introduce the cream into the mascarpone,” he lectures while preparing the dessert.

The menu with buffalo mozzarella, rocket and Serrano ham, bacalao on tagliatelle in white wine sauce with mushrooms and raspberry colada, conceived and largely created by Maritta, is very well received by the guests: “Brutally delicious!” Lorenz Büffel praises the fish and orders a second one Portion. Isi: “The dessert was amazing!” Both women find the starter too salty, which means that points are deducted. The result: 25 points.

Finally, party animal Lorenz Büffel (“Johnny Däpp”) is on the train – he too is in a fix without the support of his wife Emily: “You can only scrambled eggs,” she says about the 43-year-old. You don’t notice that on the menu: Buffalo’s diabolo cream soup, Johnny Burger in a pretzel bun with Buffalo’s burger sauce, cheddar, gherkins, braised onions and original Austrian-Mallorcan Kaiserschmarren should bring victory.

The mood singer, however, plays it safe: the onions and potatoes are not fresh but from the freezer – just like the garlic cloves that are packed into the ready-made ajoli. The buns for the burgers – bought. The Austrian only wants to go big when it comes to dessert – it’s just stupid that he has never made Kaiserschmarrn himself. Mom has to help. But she recommends “looking at Google” when making an emergency call.

Buffalo’s attempts to stiffen the egg white with a hand blender fail miserably. The host is running out of time. Mrs. Emily has the saving idea: delivery service! “Do you have Kaiserschmarrn?” she asks and only gets question marks at the other end. Plan B is needed. Lorenz Büffel begs a friend to bake him Kaiserschmarrn and bring it over – no sooner said than done. “No one must find out about that!” Buffalo implores at the conspiratorial Kaiserschmarrn handover.

With plenty of entertainment (guitarist, flamenco dancers, cult cleaning lady Nona) and alcohol, the singer tries to distract his guests from the food. The amazing thing: his plan works. In addition, Isi Glück, Almklausi and Ina Colada are convinced that Lorenz did everything himself.

Isi: “Respect!”, Almklausi is also sure: “He did it all himself.” Lorenz Büffel is not aware of any guilt: “We’re all in the show industry – if it tastes good? I do have a bit of a bad conscience, but I want to win!” With a whopping 30 points, the party singer managed to do just that in the end. 10,000 euros will go to the children’s aid organization Die Arche.

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