It’s spring in St. Tropez and with it the “start of the season” and time for Carmen and Robert Geiss to free their luxury home and everything that goes with it from the traces of a long Mediterranean winter. First of all, the parking lot urgently needed to be expanded so that the impressive fleet of vehicles could really develop. An orange-painted off-road vehicle should also become a black one again – “at some point you get fed up with it,” said owner Robert i in the current episode of “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” (RTLZWEI).

Carmen herself was not at all comfortable with this activism: “Sure, that’s somehow Robert’s recipe for success. But can’t we just go on vacation sometime?” she sighed, looking wistfully towards her koi pond (“Hello, cuties!”). But another disruption in the optics clouded Robert’s view: a wasp’s nest on the house facade. Recognized, gas mask (Carmen: “He always brings something like that with him from Dubai”) put on, helper brigade set up, telescopic pole extended and everything ready to attack!

But he immediately turned into the opposite: the frightened nest dwellers headed for Robert, who in a sudden panic wanted to flee backwards and lost his balance in the process. After a moment of shock, he raged: “Why hasn’t anyone swept here again? Totally slippery – I think I’m crazy!” Her husband was on the ground – and Carmen admitted with a snort: “I can’t take it anymore. A little bit of fun is always good!”

The entrepreneur and mother, who clearly suffers from the “Empty Nest Syndrome”, realized her motto in her very own way – while shopping. Now that the number of high heels and gold chain bags has become confusing, the focus was on large-format items for a change. Accompanied by her husband, changing slick realtor (“Can you use it as a workout room or for chilling out or god knows what”) and with constant video live accompaniment of her daughters Shania and Davina, who have since moved out, she walked through the desert metropolis looking for real estate, which is also from the 18th floor of a soulless luxury tower once again proved questionable.

One of the most pressing social issues in Dubai is the question of which sources to stock your bar with for the rooftop party. Despite some loosening of the alcohol system, hard liquor is still not ubiquitous in the Muslim state – people who are willing to enjoy it, like the Geissens, have to dive into the basement through a kind of open sesame in the delicatessen temple. Exquisites were waiting there, from Riesling to Pinot Grigio for $75 a bottle.

Buy something like that without tasting it – not with Robert! Quickly unscrewed the screw cap, put on the bottle and took a strong sip. “Rooobert”, it sounded horrified from Carmen’s direction. “Okay,” said the wine connoisseur, caught, took the opened bottle that had been secretly put back on the shelf and then bought it anyway: “Otherwise I’ll get in trouble here.” Champagne for $1,800: “It actually costs as much here in the shop as it does in our discotheque!”

With such anomalies, the real estate market in Dubai still seemed reasonable: “700 square meters, panoramic view, nice sofa, modern kitchen” – six million euros are reasonable. Especially since the business practices were highly effective: “One call, then the thing is bought, that’s how it works here,” said Robert happily.

He stalled his wife a bit, because daughter Davina favored a different, more trendy model: “I want to celebrate my 21st birthday here.” The first practice was with plenty of wine, dry-aged steak and Robert as master of ceremonies. So everything stays in motion with the Geissens, because what was Robert’s motto in life: “It’s exhausting if you just hang around.”

Robert Geiss’ new Porsche simply burned out. Luckily, his daughter Davina escaped unscathed. However, it was her “biggest nightmare”.

Carmen Geiss as a candidate in the jungle camp? We won’t see the blonde sitting by the campfire in Australia anytime soon. Because even on the trip to the United Arab Emirates, Carmen gets a real fit of disgust while eating.

Carmen and Robert Geiss finally want to buy an apartment in the metropolis of Dubai. But the search turns out to be extremely difficult: the properties are either too high up or too close to where the party is happening – luxury problems!

The original of this post “Robert Geiss declares war on wasps with a gas mask” comes from Teleschau.