Dieter Bohlen, he confessed to “Stern”, which, by the way, like “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” also belongs to “RTL”, felt like an abandoned lover. RTL had given him the pass cold as a dog’s snout and tried it with new lovers, led by the silver-iron Flori and two others who were somehow supposed to be famous. But because the love affair received a lot of criticism and little attention, Sugardaddy RTL fell over and preferred to “sex with the ex” again. Dieter Bohlen was courted again and successfully. The motto of the Highlanders applies: There can only be one.

Bohlen and DSDS, that’s like ass on bucket. Pot and lid. It fits, it belongs together. That’s strange and maybe it’s been glorified by everyone for years, because the ratings were already falling in Bohlen’s time. But somehow it’s simply traditional: the East Frisian simply has to sit at the desk, otherwise it won’t work.

It doesn’t really matter who sits next to him. And if you asked yourself last year what hat the makers conjured the “world hit producer” Toby Gad out of and why it had to be a Dutch singer, then this time you may be surprised at the cast with singer Leony. Pietro Lombardi, on the other hand, is like a son for Papa Dieter, for him “DSDS is like family”. He won DSDS (2011) and has been a juror twice (2019, 2020), he is an authentic embodiment of the format. And the weirdly colorful and basically half-naked Katja Krasavice is the personified opposite of last year’s juror Ilse DeLange and, like Shirin David (2014) or Mike Singer (2018), stands for the new, young DSDS. All are singers/influencers and embody what tens of thousands of kids today want to become with their selfies or hopscotch on Insta or TikTok – famous and rich.

Both are Dieter Bohlen. And he got old. You can suddenly see the titan’s almost 70 years of age, Camp David clothes and the make-up art of the make-up crew. It is said that in old age one grows mild. That’s why the bitter criticism of the candidates that many expected (or hoped for) didn’t materialize. “You can’t sing, your voice sounds like a cat,” was the worst thing that Dieter (and also absolutely true) launched.

A little more pep can go in there. And it will come. And if it’s only in the recall to Malle or at the last screening in Bangkok – because of course Bohlen’s jury crew doesn’t have to be content with a savings trip to Italy, where Silbereisen

But the pop titan was happy and it was human. “Menderes, how are you? I worried about you,” Bohlen admitted honestly. And so that this would not happen again and that one could speak directly, he gave Menderes, who was almost speechless with happiness and disbelief, his private telephone number. Warning included: “If you call me at night, I’ll punch you in the face!”

The star of the evening was neither Bohlen nor Menderes, but Belal Mahmoud. The 24-year-old Berliner is in a wheelchair because of an incurable muscular dystrophy, but he didn’t let that deter him from his path and his goals. He makes his own music and shares it with the world on TikTok, where he wants to “show people with disabilities that they too can stand on a big stage to show what they’re capable of.” He first sang his self-composed song (“Corona “) and then with his idol Pietro Lombardi in a duet and was happy: “For me, my biggest dream comes true.” Lombardi was touched (“It was a very emotional moment”) and in the background sat Bohlen (“You’re a very big one fighter!”) and his eyes shimmered too. The Titan close to tears? But what’s new in 2023.

A total of nine candidates presented themselves, six of whom bought the recall ticket. One round further: Susanna Okonowski (30) from Berlin, Olivia Reichert (21) from Munich, Aileen Sager (22) from Birkenfeld, Felix Gleixner (26) from Amberg, Sidan Yilmaz (22) from Altenholz and Nikolaos Simediriadis (23) from Bielefeld. On the other hand, Marco Büscher (26) from Glandorf and Tarkan Simsek (28) from Jestetten were eliminated, whereby the latter would still beg for the recall slip in front of the jury if a security man hadn’t accompanied him out. There is no more hope for Tarkan at DSDS 2023. But for the format itself, definitely.

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