Since 2010, Andreas Günther has been an integral part of the “Polizeiruf 110” from Rostock, and things are going well for the actor in other respects as well. There was only some catching up to do in terms of love, as the 49-year-old noted in the celebrity special from “First Dates” (VOX). “I believe that this job is not necessarily favorable for a harmonious relationship life,” speculated the mime with the charismatic voice. Visually, he doesn’t have an exact type, but his partner shouldn’t be “three meters tall” and: “She shouldn’t crush me when we make love.” Well then!

With life coach Denise, neither the one nor the other was true. Right from the first impression, Andreas stated that she was a “very, very exciting woman”. The 39-year-old from Cologne, on the other hand, immediately noticed the raspy voice of their date, which in her eyes makes her counterpart a “real man”. By the way, the celebrity status of the actor remained hidden: on the one hand Denise did not recognize Andreas, on the other hand she emphasized that she did not want to get to know “Job-Andreas” anyway.

The promising start (Denise: “He’s a really cool guy!”) was followed by a bitter setback. With his unalterable statement that a dog was a no-go for him, Andreas alienated his date. Although dog lover Denise showed understanding for Andreas’ trauma – his brother had been attacked by a dog as a child – she tried to intervene: “If I say we could fix it?” Andreas replied: “How? Shoot him?” What was intended as a joke outraged Denise. “It’s clear to me that a dog belongs to me. I will not abolish him for a man.”

Not only when it came to dogs, but also when it came to life planning, the ideas of the two differed widely. Common visions and plans were important to Denise, while Andreas made it clear to live “in the here and now” and: “I want to see the world now, not when I’m 70.” Denise described so much spontaneity as “removed from reality”. In the end, while she thought the date was “wonderful,” the life coach saw no chance for a second date, nor did the actor.

Even with ex-GNTM participant Lucy Hellenbrecht, it ended up not being a second date, but at least the realization that she had met a very interesting person. When the lively and completely overexcited Tim stumbled into the “First Dates” restaurant, Lucy was initially overwhelmed: “My first thought was ‘Oh you sh***e!'” Her date just babbled on, while that was more reserved model withheld.

“I like that you like to get to the point. But apparently you’re three courses ahead of me”, she had to catch her breath in between. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to rate her date partner negatively: “Tim is just himself, that’s incredibly interesting. He’s not in a drawer, that’s blatant. ”He combines many qualities that Lucy finds attractive in a man, but he is “complete chaos”. Ultimately, romantic feelings did not arise from either side, so there was no second date.

There was also no spark between “Momo” actress Radost Bokel and master dental technician Maurice. After a bumpy round of introductions, the 43-year-old surprised the actress with open-hearted confessions about his sex life: “There always has to be a bit of fire.” For the actress, however, this was not a topic that should be addressed on the first date.

“Unter Uns” star Bela Klenze was ghosted by his date Johanna despite the serenade on the guitar and plans for a second date, with pop star Vincent Gross and business administration graduate Liv the future plans diverged too far. Clerk Gerd and comedian Lisa Feller spent a nice evening, but could not imagine an amorous connection. The same was true for sports reporter legend Werner Hansch (84), who tearfully confessed his loneliness, and 70-year-old Silvia.

The only happy ending may be waiting for Prince Damien. The DSDS winner from 2016 hoped for the start of his first relationship on Roland Trettl’s dating show. With flight attendant Patrick, the 30-year-old saw his taste met, which was “cuddly and sweet”. Hobbies (dancing, amusement parks) also matched, and in the end Patrick summed it up happily: “I think it couldn’t have hit me better.” Because Prince Damien also saw it that way, more meetings followed after the TV show – and maybe yes a relationship soon.

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