Summer time, barbecue time, meat time? Life is beautiful this evening – and nourishing at that. This time everything revolves around the food at the private broadcaster. “How does Germany eat?” is ideal world with only very few bitter substances. You can have a good time too.

War? Climate? disasters? As soon as the news is over, as soon as the special broadcast on the travel chaos has ended, RTL delivers the ideal world in its most nutritious form. Influencer Sally Öczan radiantly talks about the joy of baking. In the studio, a chef stirs the pan and raves about the Ayurvedic influence, because he roasts the spices with the onions in his pan in rapeseed oil. “How does Germany eat?” is the title of the four-hour evening program. And we see: That’s Germany – in the most beautiful summery-let’s-let-it-go-good mood. This only becomes encroaching if the moderator wants to grab the cupcakes that are just being made with his index finger.

Sure, currywurst is included, but with a sauce that has almost no sugar. It stays down to earth. Incidentally, the viewers are surveyed via an app. And what do we learn? RTL viewers’ favorite pizza is decorated with thin slices: 16.07 percent love salami pizza. 79.94 percent believe that fat is by no means unhealthy in principle (and they are right). However, 2.12 percent of the viewers who sat down in front of the screen while cooking and baking confessed: “We never cook.” And what if we cook and eat? Germany likes to use animals. 43.39 percent eat meat several times a week, only 8.56 percent never. Will the fish made from trout stem cells, which is presented as the food of the future, and the plant-based steak from the 3D printer create new incentives?

Meat is no longer an issue for the “strongest man in Germany”. His name is Patrik Baboumian. Although he won his title in 2011, he still vigorously promotes vegan nutrition to this day. He himself has been vegan for ten years, although he consumed up to 7000 kilocalories a day: legumes, cereals, nuts – “it’s really easy”. The 42-year-old raves about the advantages of not having sausages, meat, milk and eggs. The high blood pressure of the strength athlete? Away quickly. RTL does not want to do without celebrities as an ingredient in its TV stew either. The singer Giovanni and the influencer Stefano Zarella bake pizza in the family group. Ready-made doughs are also tested for this. The private broadcaster presents two test winners: “Good

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