“I bet on you” is all about “bet, that…?” However, the real stars are missing from the RTL copy. Instead, mediocre RTL staff bets with Mario Barth, Motsi Mabuse and Sonja Zietlow. But the bets are good.

Mario Barth slides down very far in his candidate chair. Motsi Mabuse is sitting next to him. “I’m going down a bit so Motsi doesn’t look so small.” “That’s body shaming,” criticizes candidate number 3, Sonja Zietlow. “I’m bullied from the start,” says Mabuse. Seven bets are pending. Each candidate has 20,000 euros in seed capital. Whoever bets most accurately on the success of bets will end up pocketing a lot of money for a good cause. bets family entertainment. Saturday night. There was something? Right. Because the whole thing is strongly reminiscent of “Wetten, dass…?” anyway, moderator Guido Cantz makes a virtue out of necessity. “What do you need for a Saturday evening show?” He asks and answers himself “Exactly: excavator, glasses, blond presenter.” In fact, the RTL version is exactly like the ZDF original – only without gummy bears, music and international superstars. But RTL is known anyway for relying on in-house staff ad nauseum.

The first bet at the show premiere comes from Heiko Hügel. The man owns a mattress shop in Hanover and bets that he can name a mattress if he lies down shortly thereafter. Of course he has opaque glasses in front of his eyes. Heiko rolls over. Then he says: “Bed 1 bodyguard!” Or: “Rummel dream stages dynamic sleeper.” Incidentally, Hügel reveals that he is at VfL Wolfsburg and that bad mattresses have been the end of some footballers’ careers. “But Maximilian Arnold sleeps well,” he praises his own advice. Then he lies down again. “This mattress smells faintly of hot dogs. That’s Ikea Vatneström.” Heiko Hügel actually recognizes four out of four documents and wins. The mattresses go to a homeless shelter. Crantz quips: “In the Bundeswehr, I could recognize mattresses by their smell.”

The obligatory outside bet follows. “I experience a lot of discrimination. That’s why we’re making this bet now,” explains Tobias Anthöfer from Lünen. He is the strongest wheelchair user in the world and wants to pull a 22-ton truck ten meters with the strength of his arms alone. Anthöfer has already lifted 620 kilos. He himself weighs 170 kilos. Mabuse and Zietlow scream like crazy. Anthöfer has a bright red face. The car rolls over the ten meter line. Bet won! The married couple Katharina and Moritz Hellbusch from Friesland were at the pedicure. You bet that you can feel four out of five of the 50 Tonie characters with your feet. “I feel a trunk,” says Moritz. “Benjamin Blümchen: The Zoo Kindergarten!” Right! “The Olchi Detectives – Knights of the Boogers”. “Maya the Bee – Birth of Maya”. “Bibi and Tina – The missing trophy”. All correct.

Finally comes the bagger bet. Giovanni from Buxtehude wants to set a table with glasses and plates and a vase with a rose in it in six minutes. “Several things broke during practice. I could have cried!” explains Giovanni. It starts. The tablecloth is down. Cutlery. Plate. bread basket. wine glasses. Vase. The rose falls next to the vase. 14 seconds left. next rose. inside! Finished! won! Giovanni clenches his fist. “The next bet will come from Hanover again,” says Crantz. “Gerhard Schröder bets that you won’t find two restaurants where he hasn’t been banned.” Instead, Kasimir Bülow comes from Hanover. He does a somersault on a trampoline and throws arrows at a wall with balloons. He has to hit ten in 3:30 minutes. He manages to burst six balloons in a very short time, then things get tougher. At the end he is missing a balloon. Finally, the Swiss Armando Nock rides two minutes around a burning circle of flames on two wheels while frying a fried egg in a pan.

“Now comes the seventh and final bet,” says moderator Crantz. “Are you romantics?” I can’t cuddle at these temperatures,” explains Barth. “I’m already sweating when I’m sitting down. I’m not a scratch card!” Barth isn’t married either. He explains it like this: “I want white doves to write their names in the sky at the wedding. In her name is an accent aigu. As soon as the pigeons can do that, I’m getting married.” Vanessa and Leonie from Ravensburg own a wedding dress shop and bet they can identify dozens of songs just by the word “love”. “Love is in the air”. “I do anything for love.” The required four songs are guessed in no time. Bet won. “I didn’t know anything,” says Barth. Now the audience has to vote for the best candidate. The one of the three bettors who bet on the right betting king wins and donates the money earned to a good cause. “It’s so difficult,” says Zietlow. Zietlow relies on the Ravensburger duo. Barth takes the Tonie couple and Mabuse the strong wheelchair user. Mabuse wins. The strong man Tobias Anthöfer is crying.

Before the show, Crantz had etched in the direction of “Wetten, dass…?” that his candidates wouldn’t have to get on the plane and jet away after an hour or two like in the original with Thommy Gottschalk. Only stars like Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Abba sat there. It seems plausible that Zietlow, Mabuse and Barth have no further commitments. In “I bet on you” the bets are in the foreground and they were all exciting and entertaining. “I’m betting on you” is like “Wetten, dass…?” without the glamour.

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