First, a teacher from North Hesse has his hair shaved off in front of the camera, then he brings presenter Andrea Kiewel to the edge of her moderation skills: This time the “TV garden” under the motto “Trust yourself” also tests its own limits. And should probably no longer serve alcohol in the future.

“Trust yourself” is the motto of the Sunday, and ZDF bravely lets the pants off. Men in skirts march on the Lerchenberg, some with long hair, others with heavy hats. The “Original Highland Saga” pays homage from Mainz to her elderly monarch in far-off Great Britain. And why? “Because we can!”, says Andrea “Kiwi” Kiewel proudly, who demands of herself and the spectators a strange pink-spotted dressing gown with a morning hairstyle. Probably just because she can.

Spectator Dirk dares to sing “Marmor, Stein und Eisen bruch” in the karaoke version and on TV, “I love you”, Kiwi says in return. Pop star Linda Hesse dares to appear in a black Farfalle top. “I’m waiting for the night,” she sings, and in this regard one would like to agree with her – barely 20 minutes after the start of “Fernsehgarten” – without reservation. A mental coach named Thomas proves how you can turn your upper body further to the right using the power of your thoughts alone. “We have to learn to make decisions,” he says. And why? Because he can. At least we hope so.

All in white, singer Wincent Weiss jumps headfirst down the rope from the crane, because ZDF discovered bungee jumping a quarter of a century after the 1990s. After him, a lot of other willful people are pushed off the crane at the “Fernsehgarten”, but they only serve as background optics. ZDF is also trying hairy makeovers this Sunday and – decades after declaring this a test of courage. Cutting off old habits: In the case of the “Fernsehgarten” this can already be seen as a border crossing.

“Programs are a dime a dozen. But the fact that a teacher from northern Hesse comes to the ‘Fernsehgarten’ with his best friends on an innocent Sunday afternoon because he has to, and has his hair shaved here and dares to go bald – that’s only with us,” says Kiewel, summing up the unique selling point of the “TV Garden” together. It’s quite possible that at that moment those responsible for the other programs sat back comfortably, knowing that there was still no danger from Lerchenberg.

Towards the end of the show, however, the shaved teacher clearly has one too many in his tea, he stands in Kiwi’s way and babbles about “ate shit” before finally losing the already extremely frayed thread. Nevertheless, he still wants to get rid of something, even if it costs him civil servant status. A real border crossing for moderator Kiwi: “You put me in a situation that’s pretty difficult,” she says, putting her arm around the troublemaker: “You could talk your head and neck, I could be kicked out.” A folder admits finally the alcohol educator from the picture, and Kiwi snaps her smile back on: “Who dares karaoke?”

Unfortunately, the two ladies, who now dare to take the microphone and roar the “star that bears your name” together, are not necessarily more sober. The ZDF should probably reconsider the alcohol serving on the Lerchenberg. Versengold then sings a song that Kiwi celebrates in all seriousness for the lyrics: “I’ve got a goblin in my head / and he plays like crazy / balalaika”.

The music on this Sunday is at best a secondary theater of war, nothing new in the West. Moncrieff, Karsten Walter, someone by the name of Alina, Marius Bear and the said rockers from the Scottish Highlands – all rather “left ear in, right ear out”. What remains is the bad memory of a teacher with a high alcohol level in his blood and a catchy tune in his head, who played the balalaika like crazy. And why? Because he can.

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