In the third part of their RTL documentary “Bushido and Anna-Maria – Everything on the Family” (Thursdays, 8:15 p.m.), the rapper and his wife went to Prince Marcus’ Halloween party. However, anyone who hoped to see Bushido as a party animal was disappointed.

Party mood: none. Bushido proves to be a real party muffle. With a drink in hand, the rapper retreats to the couch. Bushido: “I’m a real sleeping pill, dude.” Anna-Maria doesn’t spoil her good mood: “I was so drunk, we had to sleep in the hotel,” admits the mother of seven. Then the short party intermezzo of the celebrity couple is already over. A pity!

Back home, the next shock awaits the Ferchichis. One of the triplets is sick, Amaya, the problem child of the family. Even in the womb, Amaya’s chances of survival were poor. Doctors suspected she had triploidy, a severe disability that leads to death in most cases. But miraculously, she was born healthy.

However, the girl is a little smaller than her two sisters and probably a little more vulnerable. Because now the little one has to go back to the hospital. The reason is a severe respiratory infection. And all this shortly before the planned move of the extended family.

Anna-Maria stays with her daughter in the hospital overnight. Luckily the little one is feeling better the next day. Anna Maria has to go. A move must be organized. Anna-Maria does not want to rely on Bushido this time. Rightly so.

As already indicated in the previous documentary episode, the extended family moves into a new house after just a few months, a huge luxury villa with a pool and private cinema. Bushido prefers to settle down in this hot phase and shows a friend the new property: “It’s a very dangerous phase, you really have to avoid my wife.” Understandably, Anna-Maria doesn’t find it funny at all: “F. .ck you! Sorry, fuck you! The barrel is full for me!” She breaks down in tears: “Ah…hole. That’s what I say and you won’t cut it out either.”

Reason enough for the rapper to reflect on his new role as a family man. Bushido considers himself lucky to have such a good relationship with his children. He would have wished the same relationship had existed with his own parents. “I could never hug my mother. The complete prefabricated building was emotional. There was nothing at all.” Physical closeness was also alien to the scandalous rapper in the past: “I never touched my mother.”

Bushido also loses a few words about his father. Ferchichi senior left the family early. The young Bushido wrote him letters and waited years for an answer.

Bushido today: “My father was very addicted to alcohol.” Violence was also an issue from an early age. Bushido’s father hit his mother. Much later came the reconciliation. The father spent the last years of his life with Bushido and Anna-Maria. Shortly before his death, Bushido hugged his father for the first time.

Then the production team finally asks the right questions: Bushido hardly releases any new music. According to their own statements, the couple has fixed costs of over 50,000 euros a month. And that’s even tight. Anna-Maria: “It was like a piece of butter. You put it in the sun and it’s just gone.” The Dubai villa alone is said to cost 30,000 euros in rent per month. How can these two pay for this?

And once again Bushido’s classic distribution of roles comes into play. As a man, he wants to bring the money into the house. When the two are asked about their earnings in front of the camera, the rapper is hesitant. Anna-Maria now seems to contribute more to the family income than the macho would like.

It becomes clear that both are now primarily influencers. Anna-Maria earns her money with advertising on her Instagram channel. She markets her story. The two emigrants are not alone in this. Dubai is a paradise for tax savers, especially for German B-celebrities. “We still have more money left over here than in Germany,” the rapper calculates, “even after deducting the additional costs.”

After several hospital stays, two moves and countless arguments, Bushido wants to surprise his Anna-Maria. Under a pretext he invites the mother of his children to a short trip to Abu Dhabi. It is the couple’s first holiday in Dubai, without the stress of everyday life and without the children.

Bushido has a plan. For the tenth wedding anniversary, the rapper wants to make a second marriage proposal to his Anna-Maria. He even got a ring. In the fourth and final episode of “Bushido and Anna-Maria everything on family” on Thursday, February 2, 8:15 p.m. at RTL and again in advance at RTL.

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