How much does moderator Elton actually weigh? Is the man from Pro7 really heavier than Reiner Calmund? In the very, very long Saturday challenge “Beat the Star”, two moderately well-known moderators compete against each other. They kick, quiz, guess. And etch.

As we hear right at the beginning, a “duel of the divas” is announced at Pro7. The bitching already starts during the performance. “Michaelsen? Who is this? I don’t know it,” says Charlotte Würdig. You, in turn, may be known as a moderator and perhaps even better than rapper Sido’s ex. “Isn’t that a musical actress?” Würdig tries to etch in the direction of the competition. The supposed musical actress explains what she would do with her prize of 100,000 euros. “Then I’ll pay Charlotte Würdig the taxi to the train station.” Nevertheless, they hug each other at the beginning of the show. It’s all staged nicely as a competition.

Who is better at guessing? How much does presenter Elton actually weigh. “Fuck,” Michaelsen opens. And confesses: “You will hear the F-word a few more times.” Now we know: Elton weighs 115.6 kilograms. He apologizes because he had been to the Greek the night before. Reiner Calmund? 96.9 kilos. Charlotte Würdig estimated him at 112 kilos.

It is necessary to kick the ball on stilts. Fall at Charlotte Würdig. “All good?” What you say in phrase jargon. Welcome to children’s birthday TV! 6: 4 for Jeannine Michaelsen. Boxes are stacked. Next challenge: cans have to be knocked over from the children’s carousel. Homo ludens, humans like to play and are therefore creative. But all this is so tiring, Latin vocabulary is inspiring against it. Charlotte is mighty bad from driving in circles. That should be the preliminary highlight of the show! “Everything is turning, we can look forward to the backwards movement of a rice pan.” This is what district driver Würdig predicts. Luckily everything stays in.

It goes on breathless. Who can puzzle Helene Fischer’s song together correctly? streets and night. Difficult. As well as the following candy guessing. What is a shower UFO? It sticks to the tongue. Glad we learned that. The treat goes straight to the audience. Charlotte Würdig is now leading. Now comes “Cash or embarrass”. Elton gets a red jacket. Of course, that raises the level enormously. Jeannine Michaelsen clearly knows more about that. 28:27 it is now. As short as bland. Moderator Elton calls the opponents “brave”. Also brave is anyone who hasn’t nodded off as a spectator:in by then.

So now push a calm ball. Jeaninne Michaelsen clumsily rumbles against the first goal. Sido’s ex-wife bowls. “To be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing there,” says Michaelsen. That’s it again, the F-word. It spins. Who pays the taxi to the train station? “What a thriller!” comes the voice from the off. 39:27 is now all of a sudden for Mrs. Michaelsen. And of course the broadcast time is long gone. “Thank you for this little pity applause,” says moderator Elton. Pity is just the first name on this show. Overrunning airtime is the new cool. Who is this? The sleep ghost? No, the President. At least Charlotte Würdig can recognize our Minister of the Interior. She’s too late for Leni Klum. “It’s far from decided,” says Elton. A bad warning. It’s almost 1 a.m. “Shit, oh, fuck,” comments Jeannine Michaelsen. And wins 100,000 euros. Shit. Fuck. Yes good night. Will she now pay the taxi for Charlotte Würdig to the train station? Doesn’t matter.

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