“Anne Will” is about the tank gifts for the Ukraine. Too late or not useful? Result in the talk: The left would rather talk. And Green journalist Marina Weisband accuses Germany and the USA of not wanting to see the war over quickly.

The left has been verbally upgraded in the past year. There will be a rage winter in Germany, for sure. Because energy prices would rise. Because one cannot tolerate Russia’s war against Ukraine for so long among German citizens. And, in truth, because maybe you just don’t want to talk bad about Russia.

The left-wing politician Janine Wissler only has the dry answer ready for “Anne Will”: “This crisis is not over.” You really don’t have to sit down in the television studio for such a succinct sentence.

“Leopard tanks for the Ukraine – the right decision?” is the title of the ARD talk “Anne Will” for its current Sunday evening show. So, 14 Leopard 2 tanks will be delivered to Ukraine, that much is clear now. Too late or not useful at all?

Kevin Kühnert, SPD general secretary, gives the ambitious TV defense minister. “Scholz has repeatedly referred to the fact that we are not isolating ourselves.” Since the Chancellor did not draw any red lines, “he did not have to take anything back”. And Kevin Kühnert wants to know: “Please do not pretend or be persuaded that we have delivered crackers to the Ukraine.”

Political scientist Carlo Masala corrects this: “The tanks could have been delivered before the summer.” But he also says: “Ukraine cannot be equipped in such a way that it is superior.”

Green publicist Marina Weisband, who joined the ARD broadcast, shakes her head. Instead, she puts forward the bold thesis: “The goal of the USA and Germany is not for the war to end quickly.” On the contrary, Weisband claims, it is more desirable “that this war lasts as long as possible so that Russia is weakened becomes”.

Janine Wissler says about the tank deliveries: “I think the decision was wrong.” Why? “Of course, my great concern is that it could mean an escalation beyond Ukraine.” The left-wing politician is of the opinion: “We have to get out of this military tunnel vision.” Diplomatic relations urgently need to be worked on. The journalist Georg Mascolo says: “At the moment I don’t know what should be negotiated.”

What’s next? Fighter planes for Ukraine? And then? When could Putin also use weapons against Europe? nuclear weapons? Janine Wissler criticizes “the trivialization of the war”. With her criticism, she is firmly targeting the FDP and the Greens. She also calls for verbal disarmament by German politicians. Incidentally, the left had upgraded quite lavishly with their anger winter, which fortunately failed.

But she is right about rearmament: Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was very wrong in the Council of Europe with the sentence: “We are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.” It is amazing how much the Greens of all people took a seat at the top of the tank have.